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Spermidine: what it is, and what are the benefits

Spermidine is an "elixir" of youth and health, a safe, effective and all-natural anti-ageing product. You may not have heard of it yet because its use as a supplement is very recent, but it is found in many foods and is a powerful antioxidant, active on the mind and body. It cleanses our body from the inside and helps cell renewal, helps the brain stay active for a long time, and supports the immune system and metabolism. So let's see what it is and why you shouldn't miss it.
What is spermidine?
Spermidine is a biogenic polyamine, i.e. a substance that is produced by the body and is present in all organisms and in all cells of the body. Its name (perhaps not exactly inviting) is due to the fact that it was isolated for the first time in human sperm. It is linked to cell growth: when metabolism accelerates, spermidine increases, while it decreases when it slows down, and with age, it naturally tends to decrease.

It is a real natural booster that activates the renewal of the cells themselves through a process called autophagy, the one with which the body gets rid of the waste or damaged cellular components. A sort of "cleansing" that the body implements to improve its efficiency. The accumulation of dead cells is connected to various diseases and, in general, to the ageing of the organism: for this reason, spermadine can be useful within a longevity strategy.
The benefits of spermidine
The most recent research has highlighted several healthy properties that act on the organism as a whole.
Natural anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing
Spermidine is a natural anti-inflammatory. In particular, it seems to be effective against silent inflammation or inflammation, the one that accentuates with age and which, even if it remains low-level and undetected, still causes a lot of damage to the body. Spermidine works by unlocking cell regeneration and slowing down the ageing of tissues, including skin and hair!
Best friend
Spermidine regulates the level of blood fats, triglycerides and cholesterol. This is why it is a heart-friendly substance: it prevents cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack. Several studies have also linked spermidine to a lower risk of colon cancer: a diet rich in foods containing a lot of it (including various vegetables) is the healthiest for defending the intestine.

Strong immune defences
Spermidine improves the body's natural defences. In particular, it would be able to slow down immunosenescence, i.e. the process by which the body's response against bacteria and viruses is less effective with age, stimulating the production of antibodies.
Spermidine as a supplement
Spermidine can now also be taken in the form of a supplement. The most effective spermidine supplement is those containing extracts of raw, whole wheat germ obtained naturally through water without chemical agents. Alongside spermidine, other metabolic, stimulating and protective boosters are used, such as vitamin B1, astaxanthin or zinc.
The use of spermidine as a supplement can fill the deficiencies of an imperfect diet and enter into an all-around longevity strategy, promoting healthy ageing and meeting the needs of this substance which increase with age. Furthermore, these supplements also have positive and beneficial effects on skin, hair and a sense of well-being.