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Single Wedding Photo Introduction

Single Wedding Photo Introduction
"Single wedding picture" began to rise gradually in the past two years. In the past, everyone's concept was more conservative. He believed that wedding photos must be taken by two people. One person took wedding photos and was "out of shape."
An industry insider believes that the number of wedding studios and photography studios has increased year by year, and the competition in the industry has become more and more fierce. It is also the reason for indirectly promoting the rise of "single wedding photos." "In the past, some studio photos were determined not to provide wedding dresses. Now in order to attract customers also provided."
Singles Day is a common festival for single men and women. The lives of "singles" are really getting more and more exciting. Even the wedding photos that need to be completed by couples can be completed. The "singles" can also be completed independently. "Take a wedding picture with yourself" has become popular among some young women citizens.
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The citizens who went to the studio and studio to take "single wedding photos" were mainly single women around the age of 25. "Of the 10 people who came to take a personal photo, about 2 would choose a wedding dress when choosing a costume." Of the women who took a personal photo, 1/3 would choose a wedding dress.
Although "single wedding photos" began to rise, for most of the public, especially for some more mature women, taking wedding photos is still a very sacred thing, and many women are more persistent. I feel that wedding photos must be taken with my beloved.
The wedding photo has only one protagonist. Does it look sad? It's not bleak at all. I think it's beautiful. Many young women think that taking a personal photo of a single wedding is a popular trend. It is a pursuit of beauty and does not feel anything wrong.
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