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Shushan Swordsman Biography-Huanzhu Landlord _ txt Novel Paradise

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Lin and Zhuang saw that the situation was dangerous. Although the magic amulets given by Yi Xiu on the Dharma stage had many wonderful uses and many changes, the evil method was very powerful. Thunder is particularly fierce, under the auspices of the enemy, raise your hand is a group of blue light, a big shock, the stone breaks the sky, hundreds of feet high peaks are often smashed, gravel, dust and sand surge up to the sky. The sound of rumbling and rumbling shook the mountains and mountains, and the momentum was astonishing and extremely dangerous. There were several times when the thunder exploded near the left, and as long as it came a few more feet, it would be hit, and the law platform would appear. Itself is harmless, there are many injured fellow door in the cave, in case of failure, want to protect the escape at the same time, is not easy. Finally, except for the three little brothers, the rest of the people on the ridge were all in Huiguang, and there was no need to meet them. Otherwise, it is even more difficult to give consideration to both sides. Expected to know that the crisis has come, if not that the peak is small and low, look not very impressive, early by the evil law siege, show the law platform. The sorcerer lingers, and sooner or later he will be tested out of the truth. Had to rely on the magic amulet, one after another out of several magic, from east to west,aluminum tile trim, flickering, one after another, confusing the enemy's eyes, delaying time. At the same time, use the magic card to make a sound and ask for help by name from several powerful fellow disciples. I just wanted to ask Zhuge Jingwo, Yue Wen, Huang Xuanji, Zheng Bagu and Ling Yunfeng, who had higher magic power or held precious treasures, for help. Unexpectedly, Jin Chan,stainless steel tile edge trim, Zhu Wen and Yu Yingnan had already got rid of a famous evil spirit on Baocheng Mountain and came together. At the same time, there were two demon monks coming from the opposite Yihuan Ridge. Lin. The two of them saw that the demon monk was short in stature and ugly in appearance. His monk's robe was knee-length and covered with green fish scales. It looked like thousands of strange eyes sticking to it, shooting fierce light. It was very similar to the three demons who had just been killed by Ying Qiong. There is no escape light with you, flying in the air, its speed is very fast. A few demons behind him are also black smoke billowing, fierce and vicious, much more fierce than the first enemy. The road is facing the Dharma Platform, as if the Dharma Platform has been seen through. As a matter of fact, they are the monks of Wanmu of Big Fish Island in the South China Sea, and the three demons of Fallen Soul Island killed by Ying Qiong were from the same door in the past year. As soon as he saw the fierce oncoming force, he was expected to be an expert on the left, so he came up to attack with all his strength. Jin and Zhu's Tianxin Shuanghuan and Yingnan's Shengui are all the nemesis of evil spirits. The two demon monks are no different from blind people and blind horses. They run away in the middle of the night and face a crisis without seeing it. Wait until the body a tight, suddenly alert, has been wrapped in the heart of heaven double ring, a roar, form and spirit are destroyed. Yingnan also used the Clutch God Gui to remove two of the demons who came with him, and the other two were also cut into two sections by Nanming's Fire Sword. The sorcerer came first to attack the Phantom of the Dharma Platform. Seeing this, he was greatly frightened and hurriedly drank his accomplices to retreat quickly. In the hand of Zhu Wen, the sky escape mirror, tile profile factory ,tile trim manufacturers, Baizhang Jinxia, has been shot, and in addition to a dry sky one yuan thunderbolt, a thunderbolt passed, a sorcerer's head was killed, and the remaining two were injured by thunder and fire and flying swords. All the evil spirits were cold in heart and gallbladder, so they roared and fled. Jin, Zhu, and Yu arrived at the Dharma Platform and were talking with Lin and Zhuang about the past. On the opposite side of the ridge, another red-faced sorcerer flew in with a strange man who was covered with blue light and had killed the demon monk before. At the same time, they heard the sound of breaking through the air far away. Because of listening to the words of the woman Lu, the three of them only knew that they would kill the demons and demons as soon as they saw them. They did not take to heart what Lin Han said, "It's better to defend more and attack less before the reinforcements arrive. Don't be too hasty, so as not to provoke the demons and cause them to be attacked in advance.". Originally, he wanted to rush to Yihuanling to assist in the battle, but as soon as he saw the two sorcerers swarming with a group of sorcerers holding demon banners, he immediately went forward with the former method. Zhu Wen saw that many men and women in the same door were injured, which aroused his anger long ago. Knowing that Yingnan was a modest man, he was telling Yingnan to do his best to eliminate evil. There was no need to be polite. As soon as Yingnan promised, the sorcerer had already flown close, so he used all the flying swords and magic weapons. Zhu Wen sent out the double ring of the heart of heaven along with the golden cicada invisibly, saying, "Shi Qi was injured by a sorcerer who was shining all over his body. He has not recovered yet, and he is in great pain." Caught a glimpse of the enemy is a shining all over the body, think of the former enemy, the heart of heaven double ring has not yet started, suddenly flew up from the law platform, raised his hand first a thunderbolt to hit forward. Hearing the sound in the air, he shouted, "Wait a minute, Sister Wen and Brother Cicada!" As soon as the sound was heard, a purple thunder fire exploded first.
The strange man had just arrived when he heard that the two demon monks had been killed by the enemy, and that the two demons had been forced by the group of Huiguang and could not be separated. Remembering one thing, he was about to come to check it out. It happened that the two demons hated the enemy so much that they ordered a red-faced demon party to take more than ten demons, take the demon banners and magic objects, and go to revenge. Because the law of double evil is strict, most afraid of losing face, the demon who just went back did not dare to say in detail that the enemy was fierce, only said a few words, then was drunk back. The red-faced sorcerer was originally a well-known figure in the heretical world. He had a lot of evil methods and treasures, and had always been arrogant and self-confident. First, he fought with the others for two days and nights, but he was blocked by the light of wisdom and could not display it. Later, he wanted to hurt Shi Qi, but he was frightened away by his accomplices. He was very stuffy. See double evil fear enemy, a lot of worry, the heart is contemptuous. It happened that the golden cicada and other three people were too quick to attack the enemy before, and the sorcerer wanted to help the two enemies attack the fire harmlessly because of their persistent failure. Unexpectedly, Zhang Li did not accept the good intentions, but suspected that he despised him and spoke rudely. The sorcerer sought honor and disgrace, and held a grudge in his heart, but he did not dare to break his face, so he argued a little and stepped down. Evil monk Fu Zhu, group of evil defeat, did not see. Hearing that Mao Xiao ordered him to lead the demon to Lingxi to fight against the enemy, he was very happy. Intend to show off in public, kill a few enemies, lose the face of the double fierce. Then I heard the strange man say that the monk's robe worn by the two demon monks was a strange treasure. The enemy would not know the truth. Perhaps it was still there. They were more greedy and flew rashly together. When the demons are facing the enemy, they always act according to their orders. They are not allowed to talk about the situation without asking. These dozen or so were extremely vicious, extremely cunning, and had never been injured. They were bolder than other demons, and they were ordered by their teachers to have nothing to say. w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m In the second chapter,stainless steel tile trim, the divine object Xi Xian Chuan and his good friends met again, and they were the same as Da Xuan Gong, who surprised Kui Ying and showed their hearts again. ^txt-。 Small% say days. Don 。