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SEO requirements that are essential for your new website platform

Submitted by seoroi123 on Sat, 01/23/2021 - 09:13

Are you ready to choose a new website platform that can serve your customers? – Then you must have planned for system integration & indexation procedures. In addition, your marketing directors & CMOs would have thought of befitting CMS features & related marketing strategies too- But what if some key SEO factors are slipped from your marketing team's radar– your site will miss needed recognition in SERPs, and for sure ROI will get decreased.

Glassy-Eyed now?

No Worries- follow our simple guidelines, as it updates you with must have elements for a new website platform. Just adhere to below given points and be assured for enhanced visibility and increased revenues of your enterprise platform:

  1. Let your Website be hosted on dedicated IP: Hosting of a major website with other websites hurts performance of your site. It does not let your website get the recognition that it deserves. Having a dedicated IP channel boosts your website's performance and paying heed upon this will ensure great ROI for you.
  2. Let JS & CSS files be indexed: It is important to allow crawling of JavaScript or CSS files as it ensures optimal ranking of your site. Google says, disallowing crawling of JavaScript or CSS files in your site's robots.txt directly harms how well our algorithms render and index your content and can cause suboptimal rankings, and it is enough to clear all the air about JS & CSS.
  3. Let your platform be mobile-friendly: It is inevitable for your website platform to be mobile friendly, as smart phones are amongst the most preferred devices for accessing internet all across the globe. To make you platform mobile-friendly, you need to ensure that your site is responsive enough to fulfill all the viewport requirements.
  4. Platform should support ad hoc 301-redirect mapping: It is very important for your platform to support 301-redirect mapping and for this, most of the platforms let webmasters create 301 redirects, while others will let you do it through their graphical user interfaces. For creating individual redirects, it is important to consider ease of their implementation.
  5. Platform should have compatibility with canonical tag rule sets: Letting your platform support canonical tag rule-sets on all pages is important in eliminating duplicate & low quality content from your website platform. It is important to let your canonical tags follow Googles advice on pagination, and they should also have the ability to integrate with changing rules of search engines.
  6. Your website should aid navigations that are rendered in plain HTML texts: This will let navigation links of your website be crawled as per the accessibility guidelines where JavaScript based flyout-classes may not work. Such links will still be clickable for users who have their cookies disabled and include CSS & JS.

Along with these Top 6 expert SEO company requirements, there are a few additional points that you need to pay heed upon, as they also aid in ensuring a better on page SEO Speed Score, Alexa Score, DA Score, etc:

  • Compatibility with minimization of JS & CSS
  • Support for the breadcrumbs on e-commerce category & related pages
  • Inclusion of social sharing buttons on product pages
  • Inclusion of a Custom 404 Page
  • Proper inclusion of Angular JS indexing
  • Should cater to more than one location or language
  • Should include Automated XML sitemap production
  • Should have the ability to support a custom robots.txt file
  • Should have customizable meta description pages, title tags, pagesURLs & content headers