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Score Points Or Do Not Alter The Mechanisms

Submitted by Kingang on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 22:56

Insert the option to turn on"real player%" for shots on the internet. Everyone has played a match at the park where a 3 pt archetype can not hit a shot, or even a card at MyTeam with amazing stats however you might never get their timing right (pink diamond Kevin love and Ray Allen from 2k19). There needs to be a penalty for using actual shot percentage although obviously shot timing is a big part of what generates the skillgap in 2k. If I am using a Player with an 99 mid range shooter, and I'm wide open, with real player percentage I'd expect to create it 6 or 7 times out of 10.

But with manual management you could make the shot 10/10 of your timing is accurate. Same with the three ball everyone says Curry makes 55-50percent of his broad open shots, even in online play if for whatever reason you can not get his jumper down, let his 99 badges and stats allow you to hit a percentage around there. Can hit the percentages that were crazy high. This is, good looks at the basket. The real player portion could still take the same time to release shots, and with great defense you shouldn't be getting such appearances anyways.

Overall Game pace The animations, reactions and total speed of the game does not scream elite athletes, it is much more like 60 year old trainers. The courtroom is floated down by the players and it seems to take anywhere from 1 to 3 seconds for button inputs to reveal onscreen. Horrible. CPU loose ball response time The game responds to all balls way. The ball becomes magically sucked back to the CPUs palms from all kinds of angles. Meanwhile, the players teammates even runs away out of rebounds and appear to never respond to any loose balls.

I believe progression and the characteristics require an entire revamp. For starters, let us be realistic.. I get theres the entire story and everything but theres no way in hell a participant with the features we begin with would get any chance in the league. I believe we should have a couple attributes we start out pretty decent at (possibly like 75 to 80) we get to select (like speed and 3s, or dunks and obstructing ). It enables the participant to not completely suck, not start out OP, while also using a thoughtful rookie that should develop different skills to be great. No individual in the history of basketball could or may go from being a 50 to 85 in 3s or speed.

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