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Romance blossomed under the feet

A pair of beautiful wedding shoes can add color to the bride's overall look. In the face of a dazzling array of wedding shoes will be eye - catching, here to recommend a few pictures of bridal shoes, so that you in the wedding day blooming unparalleled light.
Wedding shoe
The lace wedding shoes in champagne are wedding shoes without a wedding dress. Smooth satin collocation beige lace flower design, with noble elegant, graceful and restrained with the sweet, whether it's a long tail swing wide dress or short wedding dress, can very well be in harmony, mutual set off, and let the pace of the wearer becomes lightsome and elegant.
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Lace element is used even in bridal shoe adornment, can make a kind of romance and elegant feeling likewise. White lace and glitter fabrics are perfectly integrated together, and the shiny feeling that bursts out under the light rises one after another. They are more comfortable to wear than stilettos. Such a wedding shoe is sure to improve the bride's overall look.
Satin bows are also a regular feature of bridal wear, and when used on the bride's wedding shoes, they are more elegant. There are many kinds of satin bow in the way, the color of the shoes don't stand on a white, pink, shallow ash, pearly white light color is a good choice, can foil a bride pure temperament.
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