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Quick-wear lines are poisonous.

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"There is something strange about this village." The houses here are made of stone, and the steps are very high. There was a person sitting on each step, mostly old people and occasionally children. They looked pale and numb, wore old clothes, and did not speak when they saw strangers entering the village, but just rolled their eyes and stared at them. In the dark and uncertain sky, these people looked very terrible. In the stronghold of the Yin and Yang family, it's normal to be strange. Guan Shanzhou doesn't take it seriously. Holding the map, the two men walked forward in silence along the bluestone slab in countless creepy eyes. When it was finally getting dark, they reached the end of the bluestone road. There is an antique building. The eaves are upturned, the vermilion door is locked, and two bright red lanterns are hanging high on the eaves, drifting slightly with the night wind, with a kind of lonely and scary taste. Lin Yu looked at the dazzling red door, stepped forward, picked up the knocker, and knocked vigorously. "Bang,Teardrop Pallet Racking, bang, bang," the sound of smashing the door was unusually clear in the silent environment. Soon there was a sound of footsteps coming through the door. With a creak, the vermilion door opened, and a head poked out of it. It was a young man. Who are you looking for? He could not help asking warily when he saw the stranger. I am Lin Yu, the son of Luo Meiyin. "Oh, it's the eldest lady's son. Come in,shuttle rack system, please." The young man gazed at Lin Yu's face for a moment, then immediately exclaimed, hurriedly opened the door, and led the two men inside. As he walked, he shouted at the top of his voice, "Master Sun is back." The young man, wearing a coarse cloth bunt, shouted and led the two men around the screen wall corridor. This posture simply made Lin Yu think that he had accidentally gone against time and returned to the old times. It wasn't until he saw Luo Meili holding a cat in a T-shirt and jeans that he suddenly regained his sense of reality. Coming? Luo Meili teased the cat and said lukewarm to his nephew who came from afar. I'm coming. Lin Yu and Luo Meili looked at each other and said calmly, "So aunt, can you tell me the truth?" "Have you eaten yet?" Luo Meili turned into the hall with the cat in her arms. "You've been on the road for so long. Are you hungry? Eat first." "You came just in time for dinner." Lin Yu took one look at Guan Shanzhou with a calm smile, pursed his lips, and followed his aunt into the hall. There were a lot of people in the hall, cantilever racking system ,heavy duty cantilever racks, all sitting around the table. Those dressed in the old costumes, after seeing Lin Yu two people come in, all looked up at them in unison, their eyes mixed with all kinds of emotions. In the crowd, Lin Yu saw two people at a glance. A man in a long gown and Mandarin jacket, not angry but powerful, and a woman in a long skirt with soft lines but cold face, his grandparents. Not knowing whether it was the fear of being close to home or anger, Lin Yu stared at the two of them and pursed his lips without speaking. Sister Meiyin's son. Luo Meili explained lightly on the side. The grandson is back. After the woman looked Lin Yu up and down, a smile appeared on her cold face. "Come here and sit beside Grandma." "The young man next to me came and sat down." The woman looked at Guan Shanzhou and said to him with a smile. Guan Shanzhou, the new generation of the Guan family, is Lin Yu's boyfriend. Luo Meili put down the cat and let the cat run away, adding lightly. As soon as she said this, his grandfather gave a cold snort and his face was very ugly. His grandmother smiled coldly and said softly, "Puppy love is not good." Lin Yu: "…" He had nothing to say to the family. It's not good to take a fancy to anyone. You have to take a fancy to the master of the Guan family. Luo Shidong said discontentedly. Guan Shanzhou has some helplessness to the old man's cynicism. The Guan family and the Luo family have hardly offended them on the road, and I don't know how they were ridiculed inexplicably. When Lin Yu heard his grandfather's taunt, he didn't know what to say. It's not that he was ridiculed for dating a man, and the point of this ridicule is chic. He's very nice. Lin Yu said calmly, pulling out a stool at random and sitting down. He knew very well that he had come this time to find out the truth, not to recognize his relatives, and that he had no scruples at all. After Lin Yu sat down, he also pulled Guan Shanzhou to sit down. Guan Shanzhou had only a wry smile in the torch-like eyes of the Luo family.
"Yes, I forgot to ask you," Luo Meili suddenly raised her head and stared at Lin Yu when everyone was in place and picked up chopsticks to eat. "How did you find this place?" "My great aunt told me." Lin Yu put down his chopsticks, swallowed the food in his mouth, and said slowly. As soon as he said this, everyone's expression changed in an instant. His grandfather, Luo Shidong, in particular, looked even more strange, as if fear was mixed with excitement. Let Man Wen come back tomorrow. He clapped the board coldly. Lin Yu: "…" Uncle, I feel sorry for you. Lin Yu mourned for Luo Manwen for several seconds in his heart. In the Luo family, he also has a good impression on Luo Manwen. After a solemn meal, Lin Yu grabbed Luo Meili and wanted to know the truth from her mouth: "What happened to my mother?" "Things are different from what you think." Luo Meili's face was cold, as if covered with frost and snow. "We never hurt Meiyin. We just want you." "Sister Meiyin actually doesn't have the constitution of crossing the spirit. That person is you." "Sister Meiyin replaced you." "She didn't have to die so early, all because of you." Luo Meili looked at Lin Yu, his eyes like a blade quenched with poison. "You killed her." Chapter 132 the last Mr. Yin and Yang 15. "It's not Lin Yu's fault. It's not fair for him to say that." Guan Shanzhou held Lin Yu's trembling hand tightly, stepped forward and said calmly, "and I don't think you're telling the whole truth." "Tell us, what is the truth?" The strange and unspeakable atmosphere of this home makes Guan Shanzhou feel that there is a secret hidden inside. He didn't think what Luo Meili said was a lie,mobile racking systems, but so what? Part of the truth will only lead people astray, in fact, there is no difference with lies.