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A quick guide on hiring van on a budget

Vans are made for moving things or people and taking a van hire on Gold Coast allows you the freedom and convenience of getting to your destination and taking the things you need easily and without stress. In order for you to get the best possible deal from your van rental experience and ensure you do it on a budget this quick guide will help you.

• Consider your Vehicle Requirements

Van hire companies on The Gold Coast offer a complete range of vans in different sizes and with different options. Consider the number of people or the size and weight of your load so you get a van that matches your requirements. If your load won’t fit so you have to make several trips it can soon become expensive, but driving a large van with a small load is not economical

• Check What the Quoted Rate Includes

Some van hire companies on The Gold Coast may seem very cheap, but then there are hidden costs that very quickly mount up. Do you know the approximate distance you will travel so you can take advantage of set mileage rates or will you be better getting a rental with unlimited mileage?

Find out about any extras you may need such as roof racks, child seats, tow bars and what costs or penalties are involved if you return the van late

• Insurance

Check out what insurances are included and what extra covers they provide and their costs. Look at your household policy to see if you’re covered for rentals and to what degree and also consider the insurances offered free by credit card companies.

You need to know what happens in an accident that is your fault and also someone else’s, check the situation if the van is stolen while you’re hiring it and your liability with third parties.

• Book Early

By making a booking early you can usually negotiate the best rates and also ensure that you will get the van you require. Ask about discounts and off peak rates, if you’re flexible in your time requirements, you can often find a great deal

• Check Online Reviews

Checking online reviews for van hire on The Gold Coast will give you a lot of information about the customer service response of different van hire companies and how they respond to problems and complaints

• Check the Van over Before you Sign

Carefully check the body work and the interior of the van before you sign up and drive away. Any blemishes, scratches, dents or marks need to be noted. Take photos using your smart phone and you have a time and dated record. If you find any damage ensure it’s noted and signed for on your rental agreement o9r you may be charged for it. Also check the fuel gauge and see that it has a full tank

• Test the Controls

If you’re not familiar with the control ask to be shown how they work, Ask about the company policy on roadside assist and breakdowns and get the relevant emergency numbers

Van hire companies on The Gold Coast are not all the same, taking the time to talk with locally owned and operated companies can help you save and get the best deal