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Queen Ji (including extra chapters)

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Submarine quarries are hundreds of meters deep and thousands of meters deep, and can't be found without a tsunami, an undersea earthquake, or bad luck. In addition to these strategic reserves, some common metal mines, rare metal mines, rare vegetation and so on are also abundant, and there are countless crystal beads. No matter Hai Dafu, Hai Dabao or the lords of the other two cities, the sea people basically did not refuse Bai Xuan's request. Even if she wanted to bring Hai Hehe and several other important relatives of the sea people to the land, it was obviously a guest but actually a quality. In addition to trust, if a little restraint is added, the relationship will be more unbreakable. What era is this? In order to survive in the post-doomsday era when relatives can be stabbed in the back, the other side's willingness to take hostages has already shown the sincere intention of cooperation. Don't blame me for being suspicious. People's hearts are as unfathomable as the sea. I took them away, at least after I was deceived, I can have a way to vent, not to go to the bottom of the sea to kill people. At that time, Bai Xuan said so coldly. The sea and the sea go back to the bottom of the sea twice a year, changing one thing at a time. She is like the first beauty in Rainbow City, moistened by the abundant spirit of Qingqiu like a fairy daughter-the original words of Hai Dabao. Up to now, Hai Dafu always asked Bai Xuan with a smile if he would take more sea people to see the blue sky and white clouds on the land. Had it not been for the "fairy manufacturer" Bai, who had been staying in Rainbow City in order to search for the submarine in distress of the Chuyang Guild, the seductive singing of the mermaid princess would have brought great annoyance to the sea people. Unexpectedly, the mermaid princess in the water dungeon woke up and looked at herself with such ferocious eyes, standing at attention with small pimples all over her body. She really can't stand Lorelei's frightening tenderness, although she estimates that the object of the mermaid's nymphomania should not be herself. You speak well. "Bai Xuan rubbed his arm, and Pipi fell over her shoulder with laughter.". Around her Shen Xian, Feng Congge, Bai Ling, Hai Hehe and others are also full of strange color, they are not very clear about the situation, only think that the charm of their own young lady even women. Oh, no, even a female fish can't resist it. Sam's sister, come closer. "Lorelei smiled sweetly.". Bai Xuan still remembers the first time he met Lorelei, who was known as the special envoy of the Mermaid King. Her Royal Highness looked so noble and cool that she didn't seem to be so boring at all. At the end of his patience, Bai Xuan tore up half of his skirt and covered his face. Sure enough, the blazing light in Lorelei's eyes receded, her chin was raised, inflatable floating water park , her eyes squinted from top to bottom, and she was an arrogant and reserved princess. Why are you attacking Rainbow City? Are the sea people going to war with the sea people? Bai Xuan asked quickly. Lorelei could not see the face she had been longing for, and she was in a very bad mood. But the questioner, who was Mori's sister again, said with a forced smile, "Mori asked me to help find the submarine with the shell of the beast and rescue the attacked humans.". He also said that if he met you, he would ask me to take care of you. The hidden bitterness white chose two eyes, the princess is very depressed, Sen's sister is so powerful, how can she take care of? There is no doubt that the "Sen" of "Sen's sister" must be yuan Qisen. Bai Xuan was speechless for a moment. His elder brother's hand was so long that even the mermaid princess was willing to drive him. Look at the mermaid princess this pair of nymphomaniac appearance, he should not use the beautiful man trick, right? Will you take that cloth off? I haven't seen Sam for a long time, and I miss him very much. After all, Lorelei couldn't help pleading to Bai Xuan, "We came here with good intentions, because I heard that Rainbow City was also looking for those submarines.". I didn't mean to attack here. Don't be angry and don't complain to your brother. There is only infatuation in the world. Bai Xuan gazed at the mermaid princess, and his heart was filled with boundless sorrow. Why can't that person say, "I'll quit if you don't want to"? Why is it that the fickle lover in this world is so fickle that the injured person can't be killed quickly, but the infatuated person is so infatuated that the person who can't respond is also very painful? "You have no possibility." Bai Xuan suddenly said, "No matter how much you please him, you can't be with him.". Why are you doing this? Why don't you forget him so you don't get hurt more later? She suddenly wanted to know what the mermaid princess thought. Lorelei lowered her eyes sadly, her long blue hair covering half of the pool.
She looked at her golden fish tail and said slowly, "But love can't help itself." "Love that says no love is no love is not true love." The mermaid princess lay on her back quietly on the surface of the water, murmuring in a voice like a dream, "Human beings, can you say that you don't love each other?"? A mermaid can't. "Lorelei, if you do something for me, I'll take you to land to see him." Bai Xuan made up his mind. The fish's tail hit the water hard, and Lorelei swam back quickly, clinging to the edge of the pool and asking excitedly, "Is it true?"? Great. I'm going to have a husband, and if I can see him in person before then, I really.. A series of tears fell from her eyes. She was so happy that she was incoherent. She looked at Bai Xuan gratefully and choked up and said, "As long as I can do it, you can say it.". Sen's sister. "Where is the base camp for the sea people to attack the land? I want to see it." Seeing that Lorelei's face suddenly changed, Bai Xuan explained, "I just want to confirm something, and I have no intention of making trouble.". It's no use having so few of us in the war. No, no, no, I'm not worried about you making trouble. The sea people who launched the attack are not on my mother's side. We don't want a war. I'm just afraid you'll be found out. Many sea people are sensitive to human taste. Lorelei shook her head and said, "It's dangerous. Sam won't allow you to take the risk.". His emissary told me that you were his favorite sister. The most beloved.. Bai Xuan drives away these three words and tries to laugh normally. I have monks here who can cast spells like illusions. We will become sea people, and we will apply some drugs that can hide the smell. Not many people will go,inflatable water slide, and we will keep people here to continue searching for the surviving submarines. She was worried that she could not steal into the camp of the sea clan, so the mermaid princess came to her door, which was an act of God.