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The Predecessor to Arcade Games: Games of Skill

When you think of arcade games, you probably think of devices that are innovations. Arcade games mainly took over and became popular in the ’70s, the ’80s. However, in the ’90s, it was long before this time that the first early predecessors of arcade games came about. These were known as games of skill, and they were popular in the 19th century.
The primary difference between games of skill and games of chance is that games of skill, as the name would suggest, are based on skill. Contrastingly, games of chance are based merely on luck and are not impacted in any means legitimately by skill or actions. Thereby, games of skill are somewhat closer to modern arcade games that we know and love – after all, arcade games can require a great deal of skill and practice, and it takes a great deal of practice and patience to become a true master of arcade games!
What are the Games of Skill?
As already stated, games of skill date further back than most modern arcade games, and they are characterised by the fact that players have to use their wits and tactics to complete the game. The gamers are challenged to use their skills to beat personal best scores and other players. As a result of this, games of skill rapidly grew in popularity and served as a basis upon which to base the first-ever arcade games.
Games of skill vary in the level of talent they require, though. Some games – backgammon, for example – require a mixture of skill and luck. Other games are much more heavily based on aptitude for the player to be successful. This varies on a game by game basis, and the same is also somewhat the case with modern arcade games too, requiring both a hefty level of skill – and just a little luck, again.
Do Arcade Games Require Skill?
Some people might argue that arcade games do not require a great deal of skill; however, this could not be further from the truth – and that is why it’s safe to say that arcade games are based on the old games of skill that were enjoyed during the 19th century. Indeed, games of skill are quite heavily based on skill and the player’s ability to control their game environment, and it’s more than safe to say that arcade games require this care and talent as well.