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Pre-conditions for performing Hajj

Submitted by Abdulmaaz on Mon, 10/19/2020 - 04:25

Hajj is the obligatory worship for Muslims. It should be performed at least once in a life. Every worship has specific pre-conditions. In the same way Hajj has pre-conditions and it should be performed according to the Sunnah of Holy Prophet. As it is the holy worship a person should prepare himself before going to perform it. Choosing cheap Hajj Umrah packages by Umrah Experts saves your budget.

Important pre-conditions:

Here some pre-conditions of Hajj are explained and every person should keep these conditions in mind.

The first and foremost condition:

The first and foremost condition to perform a Hajj is that you should be a Muslim. If you are not a Muslim you cannot go to the holy places of Islam. If a person is Muslim, then performing Hajj becomes obligation for him because it is one of the five pillars of Islam. If a Non-Muslim wants to perform Hajj he should change his religion first.


A person should be adult and mature enough to understand the importance of Hajj while he is going to perform Hajj. It should not be performed by those who are not mature and are not teens. This holy worship should be given respect.


A person should have all the facilities of travel and also the facilities that may save him from harms. He should not have any risks during travel. And he should have his own business or job. He should also have the time to visit Mecca and Madinah.

When Hajj becomes obligatory:

Hajj is obligatory for a person who has enough money to afford his travel, his stay in Makkah and also his family while he is going to perform Hajj. He should have some money to afford his life after performing Hajj. Most of the people are able to perform it and they are obliged to perform it.

If another person pays for your journey:

If any person of your family offers you the Hajj on his expenses in this condition Hajj becomes obligatory. He should also take the responsibility for taking care of your family. Then you should perform Hajj and you should also know the whole procedure of Hajj according to the Sunnah.

Money for Hajj should be earned by legal way:

When you are going to perform Hajj you should make sure that your money is earned by legal way. It should be earned by the Halal way and should not be Haram. If your money is earned by Haram way you cannot perform Hajj with that money and if you perform Hajj with that money your Hajj will not be accepted by Allah Almighty.

Mehram for women:

If a woman wants to perform Hajj there is a condition for that women. He should have Mehram with her to take care of her. It is must for her and she cannot perform Hajj without her Mehram. Mehram may be her brother, father, son or husband.

Knowledge about Hajj:

You should know each and everything about Hajj and should be familiar with Do’s and Don’ts of Hajj. He should know the purpose of performing Hajj and also all the rites of Hajj. He should for one type of Hajj among three types of Hajj. Now perform Hajj from UK by searching cheap Hajj packages.