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People's way

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"If you go to Cairo this time, if the task is completed well, I will report to the headquarters, let you go to the Beijing branch to exercise, let you hang a position in the public security department." Lu Fang smiled and said leisurely, "Then, Master Long can use the identity of a senior police officer to punish the friends of that year. How happy is it?" "Damn it, I'm going." Long Shao twisted his waist and hips, his joints made a thundering sound, and he grabbed the two documents. Looking down at himself on the document, Long Shao roared angrily: "One hundred thousand dollars of funds?"? Shit, are you kidding me? What can I do with this money? Lu Fang gently spread out his hands, rolled his eyes and sighed: "Oh, there is no way.". You know, our Longmen is different from Tianmen, and our funds are hard-won bit by bit. After hundreds of years of plunder, Tianmen has accumulated a huge industry abroad, and as a decent alliance of famous families, Longmen's funds are paid by various branches, so it is impossible to waste them as extravagantly as they do. One hundred thousand, that's enough. "***!" With a heavy stamp,ceramic igniter electrodes, Long Shao turned and walked away. As he walked, he muttered, "By sea?"? I heard that there are many, many pirates on the sea! He With a loud thump, Long Shao closed the door of the office heavily. Lu Fang suddenly jumped up, the cold sweat on his forehead flowed down, and he quickly raised his sleeve to wipe the cold sweat. Are you kidding? Give you a lot of money and let you go to the black market to buy a lot of arms to fight with Tianmen? When am I stupid or crazy? Lu Fang looked up to the sky and said with a deep sigh,7g Ozone Generator, "Help! The elders in the portal don't come forward. How can we deacons control this Tyrannosaurus Rex?"? Fortunately, he hasn't achieved great success yet, otherwise. "Oh, strange, where did he get his information?"? Why is he so coincidentally going to Cairo for his honeymoon? Lu Fang frowned and suddenly pressed a button on his desk. He shouted, "Ah Xing, go to find your Martial Uncle Long. When you see him, tell him that I saw him break through the wall of the elevator from the monitor just now. The maintenance fee will be deducted from his salary." A few minutes later, in the lobby of the building, two elevator doors were violently shaken out of the lobby. Long Shao stood at the door of the elevator, carrying a young man with a bitter face, and roared: "***!"! Can you say one more word? Maintenance fee? Deduct my salary? Who has the courage to grow hair? All the Longmen disciples in the hall lowered their heads at the same time, as if they had not seen or heard anything. Only Long Shao's tyrannical roar shook the glass curtain wall on the wall with a'clatter 'sound. A few days later, a fast oil tanker from Shanghai, China, Kamado bbq grill ,10g Ozone Generator, to Alexandria, Egypt, was sailing on the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The tanker is the fastest new tanker in the world today, but its speed is greatly reduced by dozens of ships of different sizes towed behind it by steel cables. The deck of the tanker was so hot in the burning sun that when you stepped on it barefoot, you could hear the slight sound of the sweat on the soles of your feet being evaporated in an instant. In the heat that can drive people crazy, Long Shao, wearing a pair of briefs, sat cross-legged in the middle of the deck, his eyes closed, his hands gently stroking a demon-conquering pestle carved from an ebony heart. Gentle, delicate, with the fingertips slowly sliding over the statue of Wei Tuo on the Demon Pestle and the dense scriptures of the "Jingang Demon Sutra". Reciting the scriptures silently in his mouth, thinking of Wei Tuo's golden body in his mind, Long Shao's muscles were rising and falling slowly like the tide. When his muscles swelled, he was twice as big as usual; when they contracted, they clung to his bones, and he looked like a golden skeleton. It was very hot all around, and only Long Shao's body was cool within a radius of thirty feet and six feet. All the heat waves were sucked into his body, melting into a stream of extremely hot air, slowly passing through the eight extra meridians. The boiling heat wave surges through the muscles and bones, and the body of Long Shao is constantly strengthening. The power of a trace of increase, slightly open eyes flashed a golden light.
"Woo ~ ~ ~" Long Shao suddenly exhaled and let out a long chant, rolling waves of air rolling around, his right hand holding the magic pestle, seemingly gentle and incomparable gently toward the front a little. An invisible rush of energy rushed forward, and a harsh roar came from the air. With a loud noise, a group of gas burst out of the bow and into the sea ahead, exploding a column of water tens of meters high. Long Shao raised his arms and shouted, and the huge sound made the sea around the tanker spread around in circles. Such a momentum was simply appalling. Hum! With a cold hum, two golden lights flashed in his eyes. Long Shao jumped up like an orangutan and hammered his strong and thick chest desperately, making a loud noise like a drum. His heart is proud, his days of hard work, relying on the innate talent amazing, he finally forced into his body by the monks of the Dawei Temple three golden Bodhi fruit and an unknown origin of the colorful relics to digest clean. What these Buddhist relics bring to Long Shao is not weaker than the huge Gang Qi of Fang Wen's thirteen Jiazi cultivation. Moreover, the attack power of Buddhism's "immortal golden body" is greater and the lethality is more effective. Do not destroy the golden body, only owe a foot in front of the door, can practice to the highest level of the ancients before two or three, after the unknown. And then up, that's the legendary thing. Long Shao himself did not believe that he could break through the highest realm of immortality and reach the level of perhaps just bragging on the classics. The old monks said that it would take me a year to digest all these things. But who am I, Long Dashao? A great man with extraordinary talent! It's only been two months. Hum! Only lack of an opportunity, my immortal golden body will be great! "Ah, ah, ah, if I become the guardian of Buddhism, can my monthly salary fluctuate by hundreds of thousands of dollars?" Glittering and humming, Long Shao strode back to the cabin,ceramic bobbin heater core, carrying the demon-conquering pestle, which was a little small for his size. Inside the cabin, several Longmen disciples were carefully counting a lot of things.