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An overview on Assessment of Impact on Environment

Submitted by blakebram on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 22:28

The cost to carry out the Environmental Impact Assessment may be truly significant part of planning as well as designing of cost of development project. Disreputably, cost or the rates of Environmental Impact Assessment In Sri Lanka are quite difficult to simply predict at outset of project. It is complete uncertainty and which is because of initial absence of knowledge and understanding about environmental conditions of baseline about the site of development. With the progress of project, site knowledge enhances gradually and also new costs might emerge though reducing the risks. Specifically, in current climate, there is not any requirement to have clear understanding about costs and risks of environmental and Traffic Impact Assessment at early stage during the project.
The initial step for effective cost management is to simply carry out the complete study of EIA scoping. Moreover, outcome of EIA scoping study must be even clear understanding about basic site features and likely risks and sensitivities of the environment. It must even provide clear program about how to address different issues which are well identified in further assessment of environmental impact.
Following the carefully undertaken study of EIA scoping, uncertainties still is same. Such specific uncertainties are though much easily manageable. For example, during EIA scoping study and Traffic Impact Assessment Consultants it was mainly identified that no significant archaeological features are recorded in wider area all around the site. The next step which is well proposed is mainly carried out a survey of geophysical site. According to the outcome of survey done for Solid Waste Management In Sri Lanka there might even be a requirement for simply carrying out the intrusive investigation in an excavation form.
There are mainly three different kinds of uncertainties which will identify the final cost for the archaeological work being a part of environmental impact assessment.

  •        The first one, there is an uncertainty about precise cost that could carry out the survey of geophysical. Moreover, error margin o should also be comparatively small since it is a comparatively defined activity.


  •        Next or second uncertainty mainly relates to the fact that irrespective of the results of survey, it clearly indicates the requirement of further work. It is mainly an issue of yes or no, where uncertainty is about a chance which further work.


  •        Third piece about the uncertainty is to check cost of intrusive investigation which is also required.

A system which is mainly based on forecasting system of Monte Carlo cost is ideally suitable to perfectly deal with such type of uncertainties. Such kind of the forecasting system is specially a complete series of probable project costs together along probability which such costs will never get exceeded. Hence, employing the combination of demanding EIA scoping study along with methodology of forecasting are highly effective tools in management of effective cost of the environmental impact assessments.
Environmental engineering mainly applies in protection, improving as well as maintaining of environment that we are building around. These services are exclusively designed around ecosystem.