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Ore Could Grow To The Point That Smithing

Submitted by Kingang on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 16:24

I believe the only real way to produce smithing relevant in RuneScape without interrupting the bronze - rune system is to enlarge it so that it is used for something different. I enjoyed the idea of firemaking and the global firepits, and STASH units with structure is good too. For smithing I think introducing some overworld stuff could be intriguing, simple machines or other parts of metal work. Or making little metal statues used for different things. Hell make and melt the pubs. I like the concept of minor buff statues in places, something like a preserve prayer looks balanced.

Statues are not made by smithing that they are made by carving or molding if bronze. I believe smithing could be changed i. Wah that you can smith rune plate in 92smithing and addy armor considerably earlier. Some high level loot combining could be move higher like dragonfire shield and dragonhunter lance etc and more stuff like that may be added to make use of greater smithing lvl. Additionally buff smithing cape so it might be worth while.Artistic bronze/iron projecting certainly feels just like smithing irl. Carving the mould on the other hand would be more like crafting, but in the event that you just bought the moulds in match I think making statues would fit with smithing.

RuneScape already using crafting for casting necklaces and rings is a counterargument, however I feel like those are so small and delicate it's not quite as extreme and foundry-y as utilizing giant crucibles to throw statue components and weld them together.See thats the thing: I think we ought to just disrupt the current system. I have no doubt that the JMODS can do it right. Disrupt it by making barrows useless because most of the RuneScape playerbase remains only wearing armour 3 measures from rune?

RS3 was worked for by the rework since they are fucking concerning armour tiers. Blast furnace gold bars and the fact OSRS is hard stuck tier 70 signifies a smithing rework will and should never occur. Jagex allow smithing turn into fire making by allowing the exp rates escape hand so today nothing worthwhile can be inserted to smithing top end since you're able to get 99 per week. Can it make barrows useless? I do agree that the fix on tier 70/75 is pointless. We have enough weapons to stratify up to grade 90 weapons which would not even make a difference in nearly all cases (very few people are using a twisted bow using 75-89 range).

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