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Not I Qingcheng: Wang Ye wants to divorce the imperial concubine

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Text 165 Bonfire Night Competition — — The Fox Fur of the King of Xia (2) At the mouth of the curtain, Xiao Jiu'er, who was carved in powder and jade, was looking at her with his eyes wide open. I heard several guards saying in fear, "Two men, this." The Eighth Master had told her that the Concubine Qiaofei needed a rest and would not see the guests for the time being. If the Eighth Master knew, the younger one could not be handed over. Please ask the two masters to come out. "Then he heard the King of Xia say with a smile," It was the younger master who rushed in, not the king.. Here, this king is not to go in and catch him out, or do you dare to go in and catch him yourself? Oh, then go in. If one of them carelessly touches that naughty little ancestor, the father will blame him. Don't say that the king didn't remind you. With the sound of a fresh smile, the big white hand that lifted on the curtain, soon her eyes met the man who bent down to enter. She had a wry smile, as if she always saw this man in the most awkward time, when the beauty of the imperial concubine was seriously injured, and when she was out of her mind outside the throne room. Compared with her discomfiture, this flamboyant and straightforward man is still a beautiful, bright and clean man with fresh clothes and angry horses. Although he was not familiar with her, he seemed to give her the feeling that he was always in such a mess: wearing a jade crown, wearing gold boots, a snow-white robe, a pure black cloak, and always wearing fresh clothes and angry horses. Followed by two servant girls, each holding a stack of half-man-high gift boxes. This deep mountain wild forest, also thanks to this master to find these gifts, and decorated with exquisite boxes. It is said that his mother is the daughter of the richest man in Jiangnan. It turns out that there is a kind of dignity called being born. The guards outside did not dare to come in, Xiao Jiu'er frowned at her for a long time, half of his small body was still outside the curtain, and he shouted in a low voice, "Who dares to come in, who touches a hair of this young master.." Let your father cut you down. Outside, the moment was silent. A moment later,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, someone tried to say in a trembling voice, "Empress Qiao, the two gentlemen have come to visit. Has the Empress got up yet?" Originally, between uncle and sister-in-law, between the boudoir, meeting must be taboo, but at this time, first, the situation is special, second, one big and one small two master and two servant girls, but not too abrupt to go. It seems that these two men are forced to break in. However, one of them has a strong sense of justice, and the other is not red in the face and ears. In this situation, although her head and body hurt, she wanted to laugh and sent the guards out first. "I've got up and I'm greeting the distinguished guests. You don't have to make a fuss." Suddenly, with a sound of "instigation", magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, a snow-white object rushed in and stared at her with a jewel-like eye. Is it Snow Silver? The small animal looked in high spirits at this time, as if it had been treated well by Xiao Jiu. She had been thinking about this little thing all the time. At that time, she gave it to Xiao Jiu because she was afraid that someone would kill it after the hunting match. Originally, the fox fur is the material of the seed, and the snow silver. She had heard the man say that it was one of the most precious animal skins. It did them a big favor. How could she let it fall into prison? She must try to persuade Xiao Jiu'er to send it back to Jialin. The King of Xia was still standing motionless in the doorway, frowning at her, his eyes flashing with shock and slight anger. It was Xiao Jiu'er who jumped in and shouted at her, "Eighth Sister-in-law." As soon as he frowned, he stretched out his little hand to pull her up, trying to pull her up, but he was so weak that it didn't work. Instead, he threw himself into the mud. He got up from the ground with a snap, tilted his mouth, looked at her again, wrinkled his nose, and the wailing she had thought was not happening. Xiao Jiu wiped his eyes and stretched out his hand to pull her. She couldn't help laughing. She also took this opportunity to open her eyes slightly with the King of Xia. With a slight effort, she tried to stand up, but she felt dizzy. Xiao Jiu remembered something at this time. Holding her hand, he turned back and shouted to the King of Xia, "Brother Jiu, what are you still standing there for? Xiao Jiu can't help her." "The King of Xia was stunned. Then he darted over. He glanced at her and said in a low voice," Sister-in-law, I'm so surprised. Qiaochu thought that the king of Xia would let the two maidservants put down their gifts to help them, but he did it himself. At the moment when he reached out and picked her up steadily, she seemed to see the two maidservants passing slightly over his eyes. She was stunned. He actually thought of it.
His arms were as wide and strong as the man's, and as warm, her frozen body touched his warmth and instinctively moved a little closer to him. What is she doing! She scolded herself and was about to move, but the King of Xia felt it keenly and tightened his arm slightly. A few steps, but he walked very slowly. When she was put back on the couch, she thanked him, but saw that the King of Xia seemed to be staring at her somewhere. She followed his eyes, but it was her naked feet. Her feet were not big, her toenails were round and slightly pink, her ankles were slender, and her feet were snow-white and beautiful. Her face was red, she coughed lightly, and said "it's really cold" in a low voice. She pulled the quilt over her lower body. Embarrassed, the king of Xia had no intention of prying, but his eyes fell on her feet carelessly. Remembering the feeling of holding her in his arms just now, his heart suddenly jumped like a deer. Although he had not married yet, he had already had many women, and at this time he was like a young man who had just met people, and this man was his sister-in-law, and fortunately he did not say anything. Qiaochu saw that Xia Wangjun blushed slightly and stared at her. She was only more embarrassed than he was. As soon as her eyes reached the robe that was still in the corner of the tatami, she whispered, "Ninth Master, would you please ask the girl you brought to take something for Qiaochu?" The King of Xia was also a bright and sensitive man. As soon as he followed the light of her eyes, he immediately understood. He looked at the two maids and ordered, "Why don't you take something for the Empress Qiaofei?" Two servant girls are also very clever, hurriedly put the gift in hand on the table, one of them has walked quickly to the end of the tatami, took the robe to come over. Xiao Jiu'er and Fox yuanbao were staring at Xia Wang and Qiaochu, when Xiao Jiu was rudely pulled over by his brother, and yuanbao "squeaked" to learn to twist their bodies. Xiao Jiu was not very happy and shouted in his mouth, "Why can't you look at the eighth sister-in-law? Brother Jiu,Magnesium Oxide price, I tell you, the eighth sister-in-law looks very beautiful. I want to play with her." "Shut up and beat you up again." The king of Xia threatened viciously. Xiao Jiu snorted, but kept silent.