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A new Game - Punchers

Submitted by melee on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 01:07

Punchers is a cool boxing game for two-player which you can enjoy online and for free. Control your character to dodge and move like a professional boxer and punch the crap out of your opponent. Have fun with this free online game Punchers on clicker heroes!

Throw punches to make some nice combos and knock your opponent down.

Controls: Player 1: WASD = move, YU = punch. Player 2: Arrows = move, 12 = punch

Play this awesome game with your best friend on the same computer and see who has the skills of a true fighter. You can practice to learn how to fight, and play the slow-mo mode to have more time to react. The player with the highest score or the one who knocks the opponent down wins the match.