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Much enjoy the rs3 community does using the radio silence the majority of the time

Again, I had been a comp'd RS3 participant. I still enjoy the sport. This isn't an OSRS vs RS3 position, this is merely a"RS3 always fucks up RuneScape gold their update program and it's incredibly upsetting" stance.

Much enjoy the rs3 community does using the radio silence the majority of the time. . So much I hope we get a reasonable bit more articles in rs3 this year so far 1 skill worked for along time and 1 quest some ninja fixes updates and a new stone. Oh yeah I forgot a shitload of all mtx events that require dev time instead of actual content lmao osrs is way better progressing this year than rs3 theres a major shame.

Or better yet boss pets that were pushed to glorified microtransaction strategies. If your revering to vorago, that has been the pet that inspired boss pets. Not saying its wrong or right to be marketed, but its reason we even have boss pets. Why nobody thought about it before the shard is beyond me lmao. Are you talking about the random action pet thoughts, such as"money earning', or MTX?

I was speaking to the new Cerberus pet someone made a post about a while ago, but those also. Cerebus pet isnt even a boss, in osrs it is, but over here is just a junk pet that seems cool. FTFY. . Osrs really has devs. RS3 is obviously a skeleton group and most of the workers in Jagex are working on other IP. I bet a lot of shared resources like Marketing, admin they list as RS3 workers to make us think otherwise. Now I believe that the mtx team is the exact same size if not bigger than OSRS Gold For Sale the normal dev team.