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Mortal Immortal [End]

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With the disappearance of the golden ripples from the wheel of truth, the golden boy returned to normal. Uncle! How did you kill the old zombie and the one-eyed man? I just said I would do it myself! Seeing the bodies of the two men on the ground, the golden boy cried out discontentedly. I've just given you a chance, and you can't blame me for not taking it. Han Li gave a wry smile, and without waiting for the golden boy to say anything more, he wrapped his sleeves in a blue light, and his body was about to fly toward the edge of the hall. But as soon as he got up, he suddenly stopped and looked at the green Dan furnace, and a strange color appeared in his eyes. The green alchemy furnace swayed again and made a "rumbling" sound. The white flame rolling at the bottom of the alchemy furnace suddenly exploded and swelled ten times. It came out from the bottom of the furnace, wrapped half of the furnace body and rolled unceasingly. An indescribable hot breath spread around, the temperature of the whole hall suddenly increased, the void became somewhat distorted and hazy, and the ground near the alchemy furnace slowly melted. The gray and white statues seemed to be quite afraid of the white flame, and they retreated one after another, releasing a flash of yellow chessboard prohibition. At this moment, everyone left the vicinity of the alchemy furnace, and the gray statue did not remain here, turning around and flying back to the two sides of the hall to stand still. Han Li looked at the white flame with a slight flash in his eyes. Others in the distance were surprised to see this scene, and everyone's eyes once again converged on the green Dan furnace. The psionic tattoos on the alchemy furnace flashed, blooming with emerald green light, and the furnace lid trembled, emitting thick white air columns,Magnesium Oxide price, shooting out in all directions, making a sharp neigh. Inside the alchemy furnace, there was a thunderous sound, which was alarming, but as the furnace body trembled a few times, it stabilized again. Immediately after that, a clear sound like a bell sounded from the Dan furnace, and the remaining three dragons each emerged a colorful glow,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, unexpectedly becoming Dan again. The people present were surprised and had some doubts. According to the previous experience, every time this green elixir furnace becomes an elixir, it has to wait for a period of time before the next one will come out. This time is different, just the three Taiyi Dan out of the oven but a moment, the three Dan medicine immediately refined. Then they thought of the white flame below the alchemy furnace suddenly, and they were relieved. At the time of alchemy, the true flame in the furnace is very strong. It is indeed possible to speed up the congealing of the elixir, but the risk is great. If the flame is not controlled properly, it will be the end of the explosion of the elixir immediately. At this moment, the spirit of heaven and earth over the hall rolled again, and countless golden clouds converged to form a huge whirlpool. Three silver lights flew down from the whirlpool and hit the top of the hall. The dazzling silver light once again enveloped the whole hall, which rumbled and swayed, and golden lights emerged everywhere to resist the silver Dan robbery. After a few breaths, with a muffled sound in the sky, all the silver light collapsed and drifted away, and the golden light in the hall disappeared. The others immediately flew out and shot near the alchemy furnace, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, but not too close. Several times in a row to seize Dan, people also summed up some experience, found a safe distance that will not provoke the gray statue puppet. Not long after, the mouth of the three dragons on the green Dan furnace opened, blooming a brighter multicolored glow, each spewing out a Taiyi Dan. Everyone's eyes lit up and their bodies flew out again. All kinds of spiritual realms emerged again, enveloping the whole hall. Although Han Li had already grabbed two Taiyi Dan, this precious thing was naturally the more the better, and he was preparing to snatch it. At that moment, a gray light suddenly flew out of him and shot toward the green Dan furnace. In the gray light is a palm-sized incense burner, impressively is the soul furnace, above that several Han Li under the amulet, I do not know when impressively become dim, obviously already invalid. Han Li's face changed and he waved with one hand. A golden giant palm emerged out of thin air, five fingers and one point, grabbed it suddenly, but only got the gray shadow. The speed of the gray light was so terrible that it appeared in front of the green Dan furnace in a flash, as if it had moved instantaneously, and the many spiritual realms around it seemed to have no effect on it. The gray light rolled up like lightning, rolling up all the three Taiyi Dan, and then continued to fly forward, and the next moment it appeared over the golden seat.
A series of changes were as fast as lightning, and the others had not flown far at the moment. Seeing this, they stopped in amazement. "With a bang, the soul-raising furnace burst open, and the old soul emerged." Ha ha, boy, I was right about you! The remnant soul looked at Han Li, laughed loudly in his mouth, and then disappeared into the body of the living dead man on the seat. The three Taiyi Dan also flew into the Promethean's mouth at the same time. Boom! There was a click on the ground near the seat, and nine golden stone pillars appeared. A golden light rose from these pillars, forming a thick golden mask in an instant, enveloping the seat and the Promethean together. Streams of golden light flashed on the mask, looking indestructible. Under the mask, a layer of gray light appeared on the Promethean body, which fluctuated unceasingly. Despite being forbidden by the golden mask, the crowd also clearly sensed a wave of anger emerging from the Promethean. At this moment, two figures flew and landed beside the seat. It was the two people of Nanli nationality. Both of them showed a trace of excitement on their faces. The golden shadow flashed, and the three golden puppets beside the seat flashed, stopped in front of the two men, and came out with a punch. Three thick golden thunderbolts flew out and hit the two men. Fuck off The crane-haired old woman gave a low shout, and dark red filaments flew out one by one, as many as eight or nine, condensing with each other, turning into a dark red light blade, and cutting out horizontally. A huge law emanated from the blade of light, which was alarming. The power of this law. Han Li looked at the dark red blade and his eyes froze. Somehow, he faintly felt that the power and power of the law was not under the law of time. The speed of the dark red blade suddenly increased, turning into a dark red shadow,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and a blur passed over the three golden puppets. Three golden thunderbolts trembled, burst open, and dissipated in midair.