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Mobile Hardware Course – Turns You An Expert In The Mobile Repair Industry

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Submitted by AKInfo on Tue, 11/24/2020 - 22:27

Mobile is one of the crucial gadgets without which life seems
incomplete. These days the Mobile models are so advanced that we can use it for
multitasking activities. More the advanced features more are the complications
and problems with both hardware and software. Solving Software problems can be
handled to some extent by the owner using YouTube video tutorials. But things
turn difficult if there is an issue with the hardware. Here the need for a
mobile hardware expert arises to fix the issue.

If you wish to make a career as skilled technicians for mobile
repair, you must understand the various parts of a mobile phone and these
parts' functions. Without knowing details about all parts, it is impossible to
become skilled in this field, especially while managing hardware-related
issues. Hence, it is necessary to join a mobile hardware course to learn about
these parts, both big and small, in detail. Let's take a look at various
essential parts of mobile and know about their functions.

Antenna Switch

Antena switch searches the network, and it exists in the network
section of a mobile. It is designed in golden metal for CDMA sets and white
color for GSM sets. If the mobile misses the network, then there is a fault in
the antenna switch. 


To filter the network frequency and select the home network, P.F.O.
is installed near the antenna switch of a mobile. Your mobile will not catch
the network if the P.F.O. does not work properly.

Network I.C.

Near the P.F.O. on the mobile phone, you will find RF IC or Network
I.C. It is also known as an R.F. signal processor. It works as per the
instructions of the CPU and catches the radio and audio waves. It performs as a
transmitter, and if it is faulty, your phone can get dead.


It transmits time, date, and voltage to the Hagar or RF IC and the
CPU. It takes command from the CPU to generate frequency. You will experience
call end or call failure if VCO is faulty on a mobile phone.

R.X. and TX filter

R.X. and TX filter the frequency for incoming and outgoing calls, respectively.
Both are found in the network section of a mobile phone. Users will face
network problems in incoming and outgoing calls if these filters do not work


In the power section of the mobile, you will found the R.O.M. This
section helps to load the current operating program of a mobile phone. The
phone will face a software problem and may get dead if the R.O.M. is faulty.


RAM works in sending and receiving commands, and it is found in the
power section of a mobile phone. If RAM is faulty, then the mobile will get
hanged frequently and will get dead after facing this problem continuously.Apart
from those, a mobile phone also consists of parts like CPU, R.T.C., Power I.C.,
Charging I.C., etc. Candidates joining the mobile
repairing course online
will come to known about these parts and how to
repair these. One of the best institutes on which you can bank for the best
training is the A.K. Info training center in Delhi, Patna. Join today to become a
trained mobile repair professional.