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The Micro-Transaction Events In RuneScape

Submitted by Kingang on Fri, 08/07/2020 - 21:35

To get back to my first point: I have no idea how Jagex plans on raising player retention, as they gave up one of the two (arguably 3 in the event that you rely skilling) things that created RS uniquely distinctive from other MMOs with EoC. As I said CB systems in other MMOs are a great deal more fleshed-out even though Jagex trying their best to correct the mess that has been initial-release EoC. Don't get me wrong, the battle system is in fact balanced and way better than it's ever been and requires vast knowledge to master it, however, a new player searching for an MMO that is concentrated only around battle and epic boss experiences will 9/10 times never pick Runescape as his game of choice.

I can not help but believe Jagex is trying to reinvent the wheel every few decades, by attempting to beat other MMOs at their own game rather than focusing on the distinctive strengths, that distinguish their match from the dozens of additional cookie-cutter MMOs out there, and building upon people.

This is only one of those few responses in this thread that feels legitimately accurate. RS3's battle system was broken ever since the launch of EoC, which basically causes new supervisors to need to skip said broken-ness for the boss to really do things. Soloable bosses intended for 10 players shows the inherent levels of busted existing in the battle system. BiS might cost 10m/hr because that is the elitist mindset -"that I need to utilize BiS" - if you directly never"want" to.

Remember when travelling to bosses was a part of the adventure of stated boss, like DKs? The existence of boss portals is a massive issue within RuneScape as that triggers said loot from directors to crash since kills per hour increases drastically and returning takes just 10 minutes. Not sure if it's only me, but there is a fraction of players who truly understand the idea of"Game Balance" and their understanding is far better than almost any JMod's perspective on equilibrium.

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