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Madden nfl 24 :The only thing which makes the parity era

Instead of a sport that took our souls and ate up the best Madden 24 coins part of four hours Gamblers who were degenerate across America got an instant classic.First with the Seahawks last-second clipping-penalty-turned-safety,then with Jim Harbaugh's amazing decision to turn down the points,kneel,and keep the Niners from covering the spread.

If you're reading this article,you've probably heard about this sequence by now However,it's important to mention that this is the kind of thing that makes gambling so addictive,and consequently keep us hooked on this game Madden NFL 24.There's no need to be a gambler at all.

The mere act of joining a pool for picks can get you hooked--it turns the most insignificant,least useful parts of football into good or bad memories that'll last for 10 times longer than any highlight.There's no way to remember how it was that the 49ers scored their first touchdown Thursday We'll all be remembering the moment they(almost)took a cover off after which Harbaugh unintentionally screwed the bettors of the 49ers across the globe*.A version of this story keeps a bad game from happening every week.

Check out the league right now:How many of these games are actually worth watching without fantasy or gambling interests?Maybe 20 percent?When 80 percent of the field is equal the result is that everyone's equally terrible and,more or lesser,unwatchable.

The only thing which makes the parity era more bearable is the possibility of gambling.Check out the 13-6 ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTION everybody's in the media on Friday.

*(It is twice as offensive as it was because Jim Harbaugh LIVES for situations such as last night,in mut 24 madden coins which the possibility exists for him to take a risk to show the world just how meticulously he thinks about every coaching decision.He's always looking for the edge.If anyone who you see this moment is praising Harbaugh for his innovative strategy that he has employed(like Mike Florio,maybe--there is only one correct response.)