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Lotus Treasure Mirror

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"Du Gong, you are too suspicious!"! Let me get this straight. To win this duel. We will borrow the contacts of the Millennium Stranglethorn Valley and invite some mysterious experts to help us. Don't say that they are not Thorn Men and can't fight on behalf of Thorn Valley! Du Chen'suddenly enlightened ',' doubts go away ', "so you still have hidden cards, no wonder you have the confidence to challenge our Du Cheng master!" Collison heart way, fart cards, ah, so just to go to your suspicion, otherwise even if you are silly, will not believe that only ten masters of the Thorn Valley dare to put forward a losing duel ah! But the second uncle is mysterious recently, perhaps, he can really invite a few mysterious masters!? Collison said in a loud voice, "That's all. Duke Du, we brambles don't like the tedious etiquette of those nobles. If you are a man, you can give us a definite word. Will you fight?" Dust hesitated. Collison added: "Accept the duel, win or lose, you can get Stranglethorn Valley, although the way may be different, but it can kill a lot less soldiers-Francis, after all, Stranglethorn Valley is a big city with 200,000 people, even if you can capture the city of thorns, how many soldiers will you lose in the street fighting?"? Yes, we admit that Thorn City can't beat your God Dude,turmeric extract powder, but Thorn people are not afraid of death for their homeland, dare to fight with you to the end, and can pull your tens of thousands of soldiers on their backs when they die! "Yes, Dude also said that at least tens of thousands of soldiers would be lost in street fighting." When Du Chen, who had been indecisive, heard about the loss of tens of thousands of soldiers, he had an idea in an instant. "Give the specific time and conditions for the duel," he said. Collison smiled in his heart, and his uncle was right. Francis would not refuse the duel as long as he made an issue of the casualties of the soldiers! "The duel is set on the Great Plains where we can all rest assured,fenugreek saponins, two wins in three battles, life and death!"! But as you can see, my uncle Thomas was injured before the battle the day before yesterday. He needed ten days to preside over the duel, so the duel took place in ten days! In these ten days, in order to let you rest assured, 500 meters outside the city of Thorn Valley is not fortified, let you watch nearby, but you can't take the opportunity to attack the city! "Cheerful!"! Harry, prepare a banquet for Master Collison! "No, I'll go back to the city immediately and tell my uncle the news. The contract of the three continents will be sent later!" Before leaving, Collison took another glance at the book on Du Chen's desk. After walking out of the barracks, he couldn't help it. "On the hero's martial spirit and moral education rule …" Francis is so retro! Du Chen looked at his back, suddenly curled his lips, pulled off the cover of the book, and looked at it with a smile. On the exposed title page was written another title- "The Story Charlemagne and Thirteen Women Have to Tell-No Reading Under the Age of Fifteen". While reading, Du Chen ordered lightly, "Deuce, saw palmetto extract ,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, inform Ted that Stranglethorn Valley suddenly used a delaying tactic to delay ten days, ask Ted to find out the whole story for me, and start digging at the same time!"! Harry, you order Dodd to begin preparations, and in ten days, to implement his plan to freeze Thorn City! Finally, go to Liya, tell him about the duel, and say. Ten days later, when I duel, it will be the time for me to steal two hundred thousand thorns! …… Collison returns to the Thorn Inner City Tower. The Academy explained the course of the negotiations clearly and said hesitantly, "Uncle, Francis is indeed as you said, overflowing with benevolence and indecision, and agreed to the duel!"! But even so, are we really sure we can win the duel in ten days? Don't talk about others. Then Andy and Francis are enough to win one game each! Thomas smiled mysteriously. "Is it important to win or lose a duel?" Collison's face moved. But he still pretended to be stupid and said, "But if we lose.".
If we don't surrender according to the agreement, I'm afraid Francis will kill Stranglethorn Valley immediately! Thomas gave Dick a meaningful look. "Nephew, you are the shrewdest of all the masters in the valley. Some words, second uncle." Ten days later, no matter what happens, don't be surprised. Help the second uncle organize the order in the valley. As long as you do it, the second uncle will not only ensure that you escape the disaster safely, but also enjoy endless splendor and wealth! "What the second uncle means." Don't ask any more questions. In these ten days, you hint my words to all the leaders and generals except Ted, and make sure they help me organize the order in the valley after ten days, do you understand? Thomas saw Collison off and turned back to the inner room, where Brockman was sipping red wine while Singer, one of the twelve Hades, stood proudly beside him. Senator. You have calculated Francis's temper! He agreed to the duel! Brockman laughed and said, "It's as expected, in that case.". General Thomas, please mark off a secret place. Let Singh dig the passage for them! Thomas looked at the map of Thorn City on the wall and thought, how to transport the Thorn Man to the tunnel of life is also a big problem! Although with their own prestige. In times of chaos, just raise your arms and shout, you can make the thorns follow you in an orderly way, but after all, there are Francis's scouts in the sky, and the excavation of the immigration tunnel must be hidden from them! Looked for a long time, Thomas sighed, this guard's camp is a good place, but the guard has become Ted's home soldiers. That's near the North Gate, which is the farthest from Francis's barracks and covered by a large area of dense forest, enough to dig a hole for 200,000 people to pass through without anyone noticing! Brockman nodded. "Yes!" Congressman, I have one more small question! After all, 200,000 people emigrating is a big thing, and it will take a long time no matter how fast. I know what you mean! When the excavation is complete, Singh will fight a duel on behalf of Stranglethorn Vale! Each of the twelve Hades has twelve levels of strength, and Singh is one of the best, with the immortal body of Hades from the Huhu beast! When the time comes, he will create a black fog in the duel, as long as you call on civilians to enter the cave when the black fog rises,carnosic acid price, all the thorns will enter the unpredictable labyrinth of life. Francis can only sigh helplessly even if he has the ability to reach the sky! Ten days, long or short, is enough time for many trivial things to happen.