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Another popular option is OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software), which is primarily used for live streaming but also offers webcam mirroring capabilities. After installing OBS Studio, add your Logitech webcam as a source, and navigate to the settings to access the video settings. Within the video settings, you’ll find options for flipping or mirroring the webcam video., Enable the desired mirroring effect, and OBS Studio will apply it to the video feed. Fortunately Logitech webcam support is pretty good under Linux, with video4linux (or v4l2) providing support. What follows is a quick step-by-step guide on how to get the StreamCam to work at full 1080p, 60fps quality, although you can use this same guide for other Logitech cameras too, as the steps should be identical. (Actually, for me this didn't work the first time. I had to restart Webcamoid and Skype a couple of times, tear down the virtual webcam and set it up again. But after this minimal settling in, it works well. Also, after certain combination of actions with its interface, Webcamoid crashes, but I just avoid taking those actions. When it runs steadily in the background, it seems to be quite stable and reliable.) If the issue persists, back up important data and take your device and proof of purchase to a Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance. After setting the corresponding layout on your keyboard, get the USB Unifying receiver from the, compartment inside the battery door. Insert the receiver into any available USB port on your desktop, or laptop. Once the USB is inserted, your keyboard will be ready to use. New product announcement updates and exclusive online offers Apple and Logitech offer several keyboard cases that connect to the iPad using the Smart Connector. These all turn the tablet into a laptop. But because almost all of they use magnets, removing the iPad is easy — just pull it out. It's important to start by knowing what type of connection you need. While many higher-end keyboards connect wirelessly either with a 2.4 GHz USB receiver or Bluetooth, some cheaper models only use Bluetooth. Likewise, battery life is another consideration. Wireless gaming keyboards typically come with a rechargeable battery, but you'll have to charge them more frequently, while simpler keyboards typically use disposable batteries with much longer lives. View the manual for the Logitech H800 here, for free. This manual comes under the category headset and has been rated by 7 people with an average of a 8.1. This manual is available in the following languages: English. Do you have a question, about the Logitech H800 or do you need help? Ask your question here To answer a call with, a smartphone, press the Play/Pause (phone icon) button on right ear cup. To end a call, press and hold for three seconds the Play/Pause button. Please use this form to submit a support ticket to Logitech customer care The headset also comes with a USB nano receiver, and I’ve had no problems whatsoever using that. I don’t want to use the USB receiver, though, because it takes up one of three precious USB ports. I didn’t buy the headset to use as a USB device, and I’d be disappointed if I had to use the USB receiver instead of Bluetooth.