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Lingual Arch Orthodontics and its uses

In the present scenario, dental issues have become a common problem affecting several and to keep a check on this, a series of dental tools is also available. For all the specific cases, relevant solutions are available from headgear to retainers and braces. Lingual Arch Orthodontics is also one of the treatments among others in which lingual arch appliance is used for the dental problems. The uses of Lingual Arch Orthodontics and the benefits offered by this treatment are discussed below.
Introduction of Lingual Arch Orthodontics:

The orthodontic tool used for the purpose of amending Class II malocclusions and mandibular jaw is known as the lingual arch appliance. The attachment of this device is with both bottom and upper arch’s two primary molars. At present, this device is highly popular and serves useful in treatment of several sorts of orthodontics issues.
The placement of this appliance is on the lower teeth’s sides. For the purpose of arch holding, a wire of stainless steel is also there in the appliance for connecting palatal vault molars. The name of this kind of appliance of lingual arch is Transpalatal arch.
Transpalatal Arch:
The group of devices of lingual arch used for the upper jaw have transpalatal arch as their member. Preventing tripping of molars and maintaining ideal width of dental arch is the principal role of these devices. More space is also created in the jaw by this device that makes it a great maintainer of space for oral cavity teeth. Movement and placement of molars is managed by TPA devices assuring the fact that proper places are attained by teeth
Uses of lingual arch appliance:
The use of this device is either passive or active in orthodontics.  A greater control over teeth movement is enabled by the device especially on the areas of target. This appliance is also useful in several other cases such as:

  • For supporting and stabilizing molars so that potential side effects are avoided
  • Maintaining jaw space
  • Preventing second deciduous molar’s early loss while keeping a check on other teeth as well; once is takes place.
  • Complementing leeway space opening by permanent molars upon molar replacement and exfoliation within the arch.
  • Molars could also be moved to the required space in mobile appliances case,
  • Reducing or expanding intermolar space thus offering rotation in the molars as well that helps in arch reshaping as well
  • Playing retainers role while continuously offering treatment to mandibular arch

When to use lingual arch appliance?
In general, the use of this appliance is in the case of early loss of baby teeth. It can also be used in the case when overcrowding is there in bottom teeth.
The duration for which one needs to wear appliance of lingual arch depends on the specific case. However, as soon as the appearance of permanent teeth is there, the device is removed by the orthodontist. Permanent teeth additional extraction is also not required that results in less severity of treatment compared to others.
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