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Legend of the frontier wasteland-Huang Yi _ txt novel paradise

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Yan Fei said with a wry smile, "Of course this is the most ideal, but if Li Shu-chuang asks the emperor for help, the emperor will never allow Li Shu-chuang to play this game with us under the choice of priorities, then this plan will no longer work." Sung Pei-feng suggested, "Can we record Dan Fang, and then find a way to let Li Shu-chuang take it away, without suspecting that we are deliberately letting her succeed?" "If I were Li Shu-chuang," said Tu Feng-san, "I would only put it aside for a while after I got the elixir. I wouldn't be in a hurry to make the elixir and try it. That would lose the meaning of my original plan." "I think we still have a chance," said Ren. Yan Fei heart can not help but admire her, because he asked himself can not think of any way, showing in this kind of infighting struggle, Ren Qing? The scheming is really above them. 。 "Please give me some advice," said Tu Feng-san. "You don't have to be so polite to him," said Ren with a smiling face. "We're all our own people!" Tu Fengsan and Yan Fei exchange a look, both feel each other's helplessness, both of them have only bad feelings and no good feelings for Ren Qing, but in the situation shift, they have to accept Ren Qing? The reality of becoming Liu Yu's woman 。 The enemy became one of us. "That day when I told Li Shu-chuang about Kuan Chang-chun, I pointed out in particular that Kuan Chang-chun was greedy for money and lustful. It was precisely because I felt that Li Shu-chuang was a master at seducing men that I deliberately said this. At that time I had no idea what effect Kuan's lustfulness could have." Tu Feng-san said with a wry smile, "Fortunately,aluminium edge trim, when I fought with her at the Swallow Sparrow Pavilion, I still showed a lascivious style. On the one hand, I was resisting her seduction, and on the other hand, I seemed to be unable to control my own conditions for her dedication.". But if you accept her temptation, it will certainly not be a good result. "Of course you can't really be enchanted with her," said Ren Ching-yu lightly. "That's no different from dying. If it falls into her hands, life is worse than death." Sung Pei-feng frowned and said,metal trim manufacturers, "If that's the case, how can we take advantage of Kuan Chang-chun's lust?" "As far as Li Shu-chuang is concerned," said Ren, "Kuan Chun-chun is the person she most wants to win over. If she can take it for her own use, she won't have to worry about refining Wushi San any more. So if the third brother can make Li Shuzhuang feel that Guan Changchun is unable to help herself, she will never want to kill Guan Changchun. What's more, if the third brother can make her have a subtle love for you, it will be more beneficial to us. Tu Feng-san said dejectedly, "The proposal after taking office made me feel like playing with fire.". Frankly, Li Shu-chuang's obsequiousness is not easy to resist. If I were really seduced by her, the consequences would be unimaginable. "I really can't believe that these words will come out of the third brother's mouth," said Ren Qingyu with a charming smile. "Does the third brother have so little confidence in his own strength in this respect? As long as the third brother thinks about Huan Hsuan from time to time, his heart will surely be as hard as stone. "That's right," said Tu Feng-san with a shock! As long as I think of Huan Xuan, I have the confidence to overcome any difficulty. "I can see, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless steel edge trim," said Yan Fei, "that Brother Tu has developed a subtle feeling between men and women about Li Shuzhuang. Hey! I'm not making fun of Brother Tu, because it's human nature to attract men and women to each other. Besides, Li Shuzhuang is a master of this. Especially when Brother Tu doesn't have to hide his lust, or even deliberately reveal his lust, the situation will be even more dangerous. The art of obsequiousness is the art of attacking the heart. Be careful that when you lose, you will be like a master, revealing a flaw. If Brother Tu can expose such a flaw at the right time, he can certainly win the trust of Li Shu-chuang and make her adopt a strategy of winning over and appeasing her instead of making a big fight. "That's right," said Tu Feng-san! Brother Yan agrees with what he has proposed after taking office. "But how to handle it is very difficult," says Sung Pei-feng. "One bad thing is like getting into trouble." Yan Fei shrugged his shoulders and said, "We'll have to prepare on both sides. On the one hand, we'll try out the plan for the future, and on the other hand, we'll be on full alert. When we start fighting, we'd better kill one by one of the people at the Demon Gate. It's better to kill Li Shuzhuang and the emperor all. Although we can't achieve the best results, it's better than letting them continue to work for Huan Xuan." "That's the decision," said Tu Feng-san.
」 "I've made an appointment with Li Shu-chuang the day after tomorrow," he said. "Where should I meet her this time?" Ren said cheerfully, "If it's still the Swallow Pavilion, which is easy to escape, it won't show that Guan Changchun is interested in her. It's better for Guan Changchun to take the initiative. For example, how about Guan Changchun going to Huaiyue Tower to see her?"? As long as Master Yan is providing security in secret, there should be no problem in terms of safety. Tu Feng-san asked with a wry smile, "Isn't that the trick of'Nothing ventured, nothing gained '?" Sung Pei-feng said, "It would be best if, when Li Shu-chuang is alone, Feng-san suddenly appeared. It would have a miraculous effect." "Things are getting more and more interesting," said Ren with a smile! Let's just see if the third brother has the guts to go into the tiger's den. Tu Feng-san said with a dumb smile, "After taking office, I don't need to use provocation. I've never lacked courage. But after taking office, my proposal is really a surprise move. It will make Li Shu-chuang make a new estimate of me." "Third Brother agrees," exulted Ren. "As long as I think of Huan Xuan, even if it's only a chance, I'll go all out to fight for it," Tu Feng-san said in a deep voice. Let it be so! Yan Fei said with a smile, "If the literati fail, they will come to the martial arts. We have nothing more to say to the Demon Gate." www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m Volume 41 Chapter 8 Political Compromise txt? Novel /\ Tian, Tang Liu Yu is not only sad, but also a little uncomfortable in his heart. The news of Sima yuanxian's death reached Jingkou at noon, and the heads of Sima yuanxian and his father Sima Daozi were hung high outside the palace gate. He has a special feeling for Sima yuanxian. Even though Sima yuanxian grew up in a dissolute and extravagant royal family, was influenced by the habits of Jiankang's noble family, and did not know the sufferings of the world, he still kept something in his heart, which may be the so-called innocence. Sima yuanxian's experience of becoming a partner from a prisoner triggered and ignited Sima yuanxian's innocence, and also contributed to the possibility of future cooperation. To Sima yuanxian, Liu Yu has always felt guilty, not only because he has ulterior motives,stainless tile trim, but also because Sima yuanxian really thought he was a good brother who had gone through life and death, trusted him completely, and said good words for him in front of his father.