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Korean style beautiful style wedding photo

Korean style beautiful style wedding photo
1, Hanada happy event natural-wedding style:
One of the most popular wedding styles at present is to walk out of the photo studio and go to the wild to make the closest contact with nature. Together with the appreciation of nature's beautiful scenery, it is the most meaningful light in this life. Fresh and natural wedding style, simple and elegant and pay attention to the handling of details. The most natural nude makeup with the blue sea, blue sky, Qingshan Baiyun or the sea of flowers. Real scenes, the interaction of true feelings, everything is so natural, so simple, like the beginning of love that throbbing. It is not by teaching people to let Shaoguang permanently set in this second, the two into the painting, one docile year, one warm Shaoguang.
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2, Fang Hua Yan-Wedding style style:
Young people are increasingly advocating style and seeking their own style. The demand for wedding photos after the 90s is also more likely to seek style, unusual, and fanghua style interest photography is quietly becoming popular. Fang Hua style style wedding style photos attach more importance to the display of the common temperament of the new people themselves, the color of the screen is rich and intense; The portrayal of the characters is more planned. In the process of taking photos, the new people try their best to show their true character and Fang Hua's vitality, and try to capture the most real and extraordinary moments. At the moment of pressing the shutter, may it forever set our green years, like water years.
3, classic tradition-wedding style:
Light is compared to clutter, focusing on the three-dimensional sense of the character with light. Styles and scenes are very simple.
4, Yan Yan's aesthetic-wedding style:
Use the digital scenes and different wedding gowns, with strong colors, showing elegant, pure and sweet feelings.
5, high-profile adaptation-wedding style:
High-profile, comfortable, romantic, photos to let the viewer from the picture feel the mood of extension and pleasant beauty.
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