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Knowledge Points of Korean KF94 Mask and Domestic Mask Selection _ Protection

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Original Title: Knowledge Points of Korean KF94 Mask and Domestic Mask Selection I believe you have all seen the results of the domestic fight against the epidemic, He also noted the news of the outbreak of the epidemic abroad. At this stage, we must wear a mask, which is just needed. All kinds of masks are sold in the circle of friends. There are anti-haze, industrial dust-proof, and warm cotton cloth. There are also three non-products. It is prudent to remind everyone here not to rush to the doctor. When choosing a mask, you must choose the medical anti-bacterial type. Choosing the wrong mask to go out is equivalent to not wearing a mask. Not only does it not guarantee your safety, It may also allow you to bring the virus home when you think it's safe. It's more dangerous. It's safe not to go out without a mask. Today, the editor will talk to you about the knowledge of Korean masks. According to the information consulted, And refer to an article published by a PhD student in environmental science and engineering in Zhihu. For the time being,Full Body Disposable Coverall, it is considered that "ordinary KN95 (approximately equal to) ordinary N95 (slightly greater than) KF94," However, KF94 has more requirements for oily particle filtration than N95. Expand the full text So if you can't buy N95, you can buy KF94. At present,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, the unit price of disposable masks on the market is 6 yuan. Buy a high level of protection at this time. It is safe and cost-effective. And it must be stated that There are three kinds of mask standards in South Korea. KF80、KF94、KF99 Among them, the filtration index of KF80 particulate matter is more than 80% of the average 0.6 micron particles. The leakage rate of the face was 25%, and the inhalation resistance of the face was 60 Pa. The filtration index of KF94 particulate matter is more than 94% of the particles with an average of 0.4 microns. The leakage rate of the face was 11%, and the inhalation resistance of the face was 70 Pa. The filtration index of KF99 particles is more than 99% of the particles with an average of 0.4 microns. The leakage rate of the face was 5%, and the inhalation resistance of the face was 100 Pa. So many shopping malls or pharmacies also give advice. KF80 standard mask For daily use to protect the respiratory tract from sandstorms, Infringement of particulate harmful substances such as dust, It can not meet the protection requirements of pneumonia. If the price is expensive, Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate ,Against Bacteria Breathable KN95 Face Mask, it is not recommended to buy. About the use time of KF94 standard mask I also want to give you a popular science. This is not the same as an ordinary disposable surgical mask. In areas where there is no epidemic It is no problem to wear it for two weeks in a row. So how to clean the mask? Is it possible to boil directly in hot water? Or soaked in alcohol? No, no, no, the epidemic prevention masks in South Korea are marked as not to be washed with water. It is recommended to disinfect by ultraviolet irradiation. Or you can wipe it with alcohol. Finally, let's talk about the price of Korean masks. When there is no epidemic: 500 (KRW) = 3/4 yuan (RMB) After the outbreak: 2000 ~ 3500 (KRW) = 12 ~ 20 (CNY) It's really no exaggeration, nearly 10 times. Even the price of masks in many websites and pharmacies has reached 37 RMB. So the girls must understand. At this time, it is impossible to buy genuine masks at a low price. According to news reports The impact of the epidemic can last as long as June. So there are not many masks at home. Gloves and protective masks are required Be sure to prepare all the coefficients. Although more factories are involved in the production of epidemic prevention supplies. But you have to believe in the purchasing power of the people. And it should be clearly recognized that masks are consumables. If you have a chance to buy it, try to save some for yourself. In the face of life and health Dozens of masks are really not worth mentioning. The following is a detailed analysis of domestic masks. There are two kinds of masks on the market that have better "anti-virus" effect, surgical mask and N95 mask. "It is not necessary to wear N95 mask for prevention, as ordinary surgical masks can prevent most of the viruses stuck to droplets from entering the respiratory tract," Zhong Nanshan said in an interview.
When choosing masks, in addition to the above two kinds of masks, you will also see some masks marked as ordinary medical masks and medical protective masks. How to distinguish them? Ordinary medical mask Executive standard YY 0969-2013 Most of them are designed and manufactured by enterprises themselves, which generally can not guarantee the filtration of pathogenic microorganisms and dust. They are generally used for routine nursing in hospitals. Their main function is to block the daily cross-contamination between medical staff and patients, and there is no particularly high requirement. If it is used by the public, that is to say, it is used to block bad breath and pretend, the actual effect of protection is not very ideal. surgical mask Executive standard YY 0469-2011 The outer package is marked "surgical". It is divided into three layers, the outer layer is water-blocking (to prevent blood and body fluids from splashing), the middle layer is filtering, and the inner layer is moisture-absorbing (the inner layer is white, facing oneself when wearing). N95 mask N95 mask: American standard NIOSH, filtration efficiency of non-oily particles ≥ 95 percent FFP2 respirator: European standard EN149-2001 KF94 mask: Korean standard DS2 Mask: National Specification of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Japan In the case that domestic masks have been completely out of stock, it is also possible to buy FFP2/KF94/DS2 masks from abroad. Medical respirator (N95) Masks used by health care workers. Take 3m as an example,KN95 Face Mask, models 1860 and 9132 are the most commonly used medical protective masks. If you want to donate masks to medical staff, you need to pay attention to meeting the standard requirements. The following pictures are recommended to be saved: Ok, the comparison of masks and how to choose domestic and Korean masks are introduced. A careful look will be helpful to all of us. Return to Sohu to see more. Responsible Editor:.