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Jiang Xue Xuan Shuang-Wolong Sheng _ txt Novel Paradise

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Qingyun Taoist said, "At that corner, among the rocks and weeds, there may be a strong enemy lurking. Moreover, I can faintly detect that the rocks and vegetation have been secretly coated with colorless and tasteless medicinal powder. The wind blows and the grass moves, and the poison flies everywhere. As long as you stay in that area for a long time, anyone will be poisoned." Cao Yanfei gave a cry and said, "Brother Dao is right, but I don't know how to explain the death of the Shaolin disciple." She spoke in a loud voice, as if she intended to be heard by Shi Sangong and Geng Zhen. Sure enough, Shi Sangong, who was walking slowly, suddenly stopped, looked back at Cao Yanfei, and then put his legs down and walked forward intermittently. His action, obviously the heart has felt that Qingyun Taoist is not aimless, but the face is at stake, the words can not be counted, had to bite the bullet and walk forward. Qingyun Taoist sighed softly and said, "In my opinion, there must be a strong enemy hidden in the mess of rocks and grass. The death of the master may have been caused by a poisonous and tiny hidden weapon." "I think so, too," said Master Dayu. Looking up, he saw that Shi Sangong had gradually approached the dead body, but he suddenly stopped. It was clear that the closer he got to the area of death, the more frightened he became. Geng Zhen, a young man a few feet behind him, suddenly said, "Brother Shi, don't try to be brave and careless. That bull nose seems to have a set. The more you think about his words, the more reasonable you feel." Shi Sangong also used the method of transmitting sound thousands of miles away and replied, "I also feel that his words are not sensational, but at this moment, my brother is like an arrow on the string and has to send it." After a slight pause,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, he said, "Geng Dui, please take over for your brother." It was obvious that there was great fear in his heart when he said such words in his capacity. "Don't worry, Brother Shi," said Tong Sou Geng Zhen. "You should use a hidden weapon to meet you." Shi Sangong looked back at Geng Zhen and said, "Don't go any further, or we'll be in danger together." "Brother," said Geng Zhen, "I've thought of something. Brother Shi breathed first. He's already in the forbidden zone. Hold your breath immediately." "I know," said Shi San. He suddenly jumped up and jumped into the zone of death. He had gathered his strength early, and when he jumped up, he closed his breath, put his feet on the ground, turned his eyes around, and kept searching for the rocks and grass that stood out. Suddenly, a silver awn flashed and flew straight. This silver awn, tiny as a cow's hair, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, if in normal times, Shi Sangong although has extraordinary eyesight, is also difficult to see. But at the moment he was so absorbed that he could really see all around, listen to all directions, and with a shout of his right hand, he split his hand. His skill was deep, and his strength was extremely strong. The silver awn that flashed and flew away was swept away by his strong palm, like sand and stones sinking into the sea, without a trace. The potential of agitation shook on the grass, and in the sunlight, a white dust like clouds and fog flew up. Zen Master Dayu hurriedly shouted, "Elder Shi, please step down." As soon as the sleeve of Shi Sangong's robe was brushed, the body of the "hidden dragon ascended to heaven" was pulled up straight, flying more than twenty feet high, hanging in the air and turning around, performing the excellent flying skill of "eight steps into the air", and jumping three feet away. The Taoist Priest Qingyun suddenly sent his hands flying in the air. "This is no longer a safe place," he said in a low voice. "Let's step back for a while." When Tong Sou Geng Zhen jumped up in Shi Sangong, he also jumped backwards and retreated, but when he saw a few figures flying, all the heroes withdrew from five Zhangs away. When Shi Sangong's feet fell to the ground, he heaved a sigh of relief and hesitated to speak. The Taoist Priest Qingyun said seriously, "The clothes and shoes of the elder may have been contaminated with a huge poison. It's not appropriate to be too careless at the moment. It's better to be on guard for the time being, just to prevent the invasion of a huge poison.".
” Tong Sou Geng Zhen suddenly interrupted and said, "This method of using poison is really unprecedented. I've been in Jianghu for most of my life, and I've traveled all over the seven provinces in the south and six provinces in the north. This is the first time I've seen such a thing." Taoist Qingyun suddenly heaved a deep sigh and said, "I'm afraid that Master Fang will be robbed. We don't have to pursue him. The most important thing now is how to think of a way to resist the enemy." The Taoist Priest Tianxing shook his head and said, "If we fight each other with one sword and one sword, the strong will survive and the weak will perish. If we combine the strength of our nine sects, we may not be afraid of her. But her secret way of poisoning is really impossible to guard against!" Master Dayu clasped his palms together and chanted the name of the Buddha, saying, "The greatest regret in my life is that I failed to save the benefactor in time." The implication is a gloomy feeling. "The mention of the old Zen master reminds me of a great event," said the Taoist Priest Tianxing. With a slight pause, he saw that the eyes of all the people around him were fixed on him. It seemed that they were listening to him very attentively. Then he smiled and said, "Shi Geng and the two old-timers were in the meditation room. They wanted to hurt the two monsters in the north and south. Although they didn't hurt them, as far as the character of the two monsters in the north and south is concerned, they must not give up!" Master Dayu nodded and kept silent. The Taoist Priest of the Star Ferry raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "Since the people in the Mountain of the Underworld can spread poison here, it's natural that they haven't receded yet. They can restart the war at any time and anywhere. There are strong enemies outside and hidden dangers inside. Although we have a lot of hands at the moment, we can reject two strong enemies at the same time. Our strength is scattered, and it's hard to win. It's a poor way.." He suddenly stopped, and his eyes slowly swept over Qunhao's face. Then he said, "First get rid of the two monsters in the north and south, and then work together to resist the evil woman." Tong Sou Geng Zhen nodded his head in praise and said, "The Taoist Priest is thoughtful and considerate. He is really a great master." The Taoist Priest Tianxing suddenly cast his eyes on the face of the Taoist Priest Qingyun and asked, "Brother Dao, what do you think I have seen?" The Taoist Priest Qingyun said, "As a matter of fact, it's not the best policy. But from the point of view of the poor way, it's too risky to learn to win by taking such risks. As far as the prestige of the two monsters in the north and south is concerned, we may not be able to hurt them with our strength. If we fail, we will make a strong enemy." "I take the words of the Taoist Priest Qingyun as true," said Master Dayu. Shi Sangong, who had not spoken for a long time,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, suddenly interrupted and said, "That's true, but the problem has not been solved. We should have a way to deal with the two monsters in the north and south." 。