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Install Eco Toilet Sensor Singapore – Eco Toilet Sensor Services | ORISYS

Submitted by Orisys on Fri, 11/25/2022 - 22:47

Today we expect our commercial toilets to be equipped with the latest and most advanced technology. But often you can't afford to completely renovate your toilet; You need a product that fits the existing environment. This is where the improved purge valve comes into play. From eco toilet sensor products that offer a high level of comfort and hygiene, ORISYS Technology Pte Ltd has what you need.
Since commercial buildings are updating their toilets and want to make sure the toilets are kept as clean as possible, retrofitting the equipment is a common approach. But even with the oldest toilets, adding an entirely new system can be expensive and time consuming. However, by using eco-friendly toilet sensors, you can take advantage of state-of-the-art technology that matches your existing components. The upgraded flush valve essentially turns your manual flush valve into an automatic model. They replaced the flush valve with the handle you often see in toilets. Because of this; eco sensor for toilet replaces the whole washing mechanism. The side attachment system simply replaces the handle.
 Over the years we have all been used to using a simple toilet bowl or urinal with a flush handle. But with the advent of contactless automated toilets, our business is cleaner — and more convenient. But although these side-mounted sensor systems have been in development for decades, eco-toilet sensors offer useful enhancements that can be especially useful in commercial toilets. Read on for some key points on how an aftermarket unit can transform your toilet.
At ORISYS Technology Pte Ltd we are happy to offer eco toilet sensor that can be used with your urinals as well as standard toilets. With our proven electronic circuitry and slow closing solenoid valve, ORISYS Technology has developed a retrofit solution like no other. And when you combine the innovative diaphragmless piston cleaning mechanism, you have a valve that delivers decades of no-load cleaning performance.
ORISYS Technology Pte Ltd offers the best toilet sensor and automatic flushing system repair services in Singapore. Get the most efficient and best toilet cleaning service now!