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The Importance of Employment Verification Service

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Hiring a new employee is a big
decision that can cost your business a lot of money if not done correctly. To
ensure that we hire the best candidates possible, we recommend performing a
background check before making a final decision.

The employment verification
companies verify important information such as identity, criminal activity,
employment and education history, professional licenses, and care records. Many
backgrounds check companies are available to companies of all sizes, each
offering their services and features. It covers everything you need to know
about employee background check services and how to choose them.

What is included in the
background check?

Pre-employment background checks
can provide employers with important details about an individual's past that
may affect their suitability for the job they are applying for.

Pre-employment background check
companies offer a wide range of screening solutions.

They use various search
techniques, such as online databases and in-person court appearances, to verify
important details in someone's background within a few days.

The most common background check
tests available include:

• Search for misdemeanor and
felony records at county, state and national level

• Sex offender registry searches

• Civil registration checks

The most common supplemental
exams available include:

• Verification of employment

• Educational verification

• Professional license

• Motor vehicle registrations

• Work credit reports

• Reference checks

• Military record checks

• Searches in workers'
compensation history

• Sanitary sanctions.

• Drug screening

Most companies use a cloud-based
system where employers can request background checks and review full reports
online. Agencies generally charge per report and take between one and five days
to complete the search process. You can choose from an agency that offers
pre-arranged plans, one that offers a la carte options, or one that offers

You can get Accuracy. Make sure
the agency provides clear, accurate, and complete written reports. The last
thing you need to do is make a hiring decision based on inaccurate information.

Checks and exams available. This
is probably the most obvious thing to look for in a background check company.

The iCrederity can perform all the
background tests you need, even if that includes supplemental searches like
drug tests or motor vehicle records.

Cost. Your budget can be a
determining factor as to which company you choose. Include any additional fees
that may be charged to you.

Customer Support. Background
check companies offer phone, email, and live chat support. Pick an agency that
offers your preferred method of support and check to see that they have helpful

How much do employment background
checks cost?

Most employment
charges per verification report. Some companies offer
combination plans (multiple exams and checks you can take under one plan), and
others offer them à la carte. Of the providers that offer pre-arranged
background screening plans, they typically offer some tiered packages.

You may also be charged
third-party fees for specific checks, such as education or employment
verification, court fees, and drug tests.

ConclusionIt is established that a employment
background check
is a search for public data that can be combined to create
a clear portrait of a person. People can do them manually, but the best way to
do a background check is to use an online service provider. There are many of
these, and to help you choose the best one, we have identified the basic
criteria we use to narrow down the four best services on the market.