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How to trust your player: Building an OTT service for today’s world

Submitted by saahilkhan on Fri, 04/19/2024 - 04:39

Although such technology can involve some very advanced security concepts, Ott drm streaming service operators still need to pay detailed attention to the overall system architecture that is deployed and avoid loopholes that allow hackers to defeat the purpose of DRM protected content.

A  secure DRM token enables a robust and secure mechanism to deliver several settings and parameters to the multi-DRM service. The secure DRM token is encrypted to ensure confidentiality and includes a digital signature to ensure integrity. 

This approach is also commonly referred to as an upfront token authentication workflow. Typically, a secure DRM token is then used by the video player in the target device to perform a DRM license acquisition from the DRM license server. Once the DRM license server receives such a request, it can provide a DRM license that is bound to the requesting client device.