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How To SkyRocket Your Growth On IGTV

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Submitted by MaryKyle on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 21:11

Instagram is a stunning social media app to interact with your friends, family members, celebrities in different fields. Almost every day, millions of people are stumbling on Instagram because of its attractive features; one is IGTV. IGTV is an app linked with Instagram, and it is a pleasant surprise for those who want to promote their brands in social media. Many marketers use IGTV to explain their brands clearly, and it is useful. You may find many bidding entrepreneurs in recent days because it is a platform for everyone who wants to start or develop their new brands. Let's see about IGTV and to attain growth in IGTV.

More about IGTV
IGTV is the platform for new long term video sharing services. Before the video limit up to 15 seconds but it extends to one hour. You can post videos in vertical format only on the full screen on mobile. As it planned to compete on Youtube, so you can play the video without rotating the mobile. Only when you have ten thousand followers can you add clickable links in your feed or post. Some links are you cant access. But whereas in IGTV, you can add links even at your beginning stage. For example, if you are a shopping blogger, you can add links for your brands or website and recommend popular sites like amazon. In Instagram live, you can directly interact with your followers. But IGTV's goal is to beat YouTube. On YouTube, you have to create standard content and concentrate on views, but on IGTV, you can shoot your video whenever you want; there is no time limit.

Features of IGTV
In IGTV, you can create a video with different series. In that series, you can build a playlist for a separate topic. Once you finish posting your video, that can be shared with your friends if you want. People are allowed to like, comment, tapping heart emojis on your video. If they wish, they can share your video in their profile.

How to Attain Growth in IGTV
Make your video content fascinating by setting good quality content; it leads to more interactions and attention. When your people comment on your video, it is plus as it creates brand awareness, and it increases the outside people to think your product has more interactions among your audience.

An IGTV video with less number of likes probably will not get more likes then after. So it is better to buy IGTV likes at low cost which not only gets you more organic likes, but also increases the followers for your account.

Build Strong Community
Another prime thing was maintaining a good relationship with your followers. Try to be attentive in your comment sections and also like those valuable comments. As people think something, one is caring about their opinion. It will create trust and happiness, so value their time and response. Mostly post your brand content based on your followers' wishes. You can gather questions by posting a story on your Instagram feed. Pick up most wanted queries and must be about your brands and products.