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How to Reset Gmail Password

You can use your smartphone to reset the password if you use the same account on it but don't remember the current one. You'll need to input the current password, which you can't remember, before you can change the password on your smartphone. Because of this, it is advisable that you use your smartphone to know How to reset Gmail password.

Well, if you have access to your recovery requirements, retrieving your Gmail password shouldn't be difficult. The procedures for recovering Gmail passwords are pretty basic to understand.

You must first open Gmail on your web browser, input your email address or user ID, and then click Next.

You must now click the Forgot Password option that is just beneath the password field.

You can either click the 'Try Another Way' option or enter the most recent password you can recall.

After providing your full phone number, press the "Send" button.

Copy the supplied code, then paste it into the verification box on your mobile device.

On the following page, enter the new password after clicking the Verify button.

You were able to successfully change your Gmail password using your phone number. Step 3's "Try another way" button can be repeatedly clicked until you get the answer to the recovery verification question. If you can't find the phone option right away, try selecting the 'Try Another Way' link until you do.