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Nowadays, many people have become very aware of the figure. Many have planned to take care of everything like gym, yoga, pilates. Now the definition of everyone's perfect body is different. That is, some want to reduce their share. That is to say, someone find their punishment as strong as their strength. Their struggle to reduce it begins. Some people want to reduce their stomach, some people want to reduce their waist, face fat, thighs, buttocks. The most annoying thing when it comes to reducing body fat is the fat on the thighs and buttocks. If your thighs and buttocks are bigger than your body size then you can reduce your fat in a week with these simple tips.


You want to do the Scots exercise first. You want to sit down with your knees parallel. You want to sit like a chair. But when doing this, do not let your knees go beyond your feet. Doing so will strain your thighs and buttocks. You start doing Squats for about 10.
You will feel a little leg pain while doing Squats. But you have to do it at least 10 times. After that, you don't mind adding to it.

Jumping jacks

You want to do this exercise by clapping both hands and stretching both legs. You want to repeat this action. You start with at least 10 flights. Then you can increase the jump. Doing this will make you feel a little tired.

High heels

You want to do this type of exercise by raising your legs as high as you can. Doing so will make you feel pain in the upper part of your thighs. But okay at least 30 seconds so you have to do this. Only then will it benefit you.

If you increase your speed while doing high heels, your legs are more likely to twist. So you have to do this exercise very carefully.

Butt bridge

Lying on your back, you want to lift your buttocks. You only have to be and discriminating against the advice you perform to other people. That's what you want to do. You will feel a little tension on your buttocks while doing this. Its benefit will help you to reduce the fat on your buttocks.


You want to move it like scissors with your feet in the air. If you are going to do it on the counting, do it at least 20 times, and if you are going to do it on the clock, do it at least 30 seconds. This will help reduce the fat in your inner thighs.

Get ready for the week-long challenge

Now you want to reduce something. So you have to follow some rules. Let your body bear fruit for seven days. Keep sugar and sweets to a minimum. If you can't diet, fine and good. Please have breakfast and lunch on time. Don't eat too late at night.
If you follow some rules, you will benefit. Your thighs and buttocks will shrink.
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