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How to Print From iPad to HP Printer?

When it comes to the best quality printing solutions, HP printers never disappoint! They not only come with an easy-to-use interface but also offer a number of advanced features. The best part about HP printers is that it allows you to print from any device. If you think you can print only from your computer to an HP printer, you are highly mistaken. You can also print from your Android as well as Apple devices, including iPhone and iPad. Here we will walk you through the right steps to print from iPad to HP printer. But first, you should know how to set up your HP printer correctly.

Setup Your HP Printer

If you have recently purchased your HP printer, then you should know how to install your printer. First of all, remove all the packaging materials and tapes carefully. Next, connect your printer to the power cord and turn it on. After switching on your printer, choose your language and location using the control panel and press OK. Now, install ink cartridges and load the paper carefully.

Once done, move on to download and install the latest HP printer drivers and software. Once done, add your printer to your iPad device by connecting both the devices with the same WiFi network. After setting up your HP printer, you can go ahead to learn how to print your documents from iPad to HP printer.
Print From iPad with AirPrint

You can print from iPad to your HP printer using the in-built AirPrint utility. However, you first have to confirm that your printer is compatible with AirPrint. If your HP printer doesn’t support AirPrint, you won’t be able to use this feature. Usually, the new HP printer models are AirPrint enabled. Once you know that your HP printer supports AirPrint, connect your iPad to the same network as that of your printer. Also, make sure your printer is turned on. Now, follow the below-given steps to print from iPad to HP printer

  • At first, ensure your iPad and printer are connected to the same network.
  • Now, go to the photo app to find and open the document that you wish to print from iPad to HP printer.
  • Then, press the Share button with the up arrow
  • After clicking on the Share button, scroll down and click Print.
  • Select your HP printer if you haven’t selected it yet
  • Now, click the Print option located in the top right corner. 

So, this is how you can print from an iPad using the AirPrint utility. However, not all HP printers are compatible with AirPrint. But you don’t need to worry if your printer doesn’t support the AirPrint utility. There are some third-party apps that can help you print from an iPad even without the AirPrint-enabled printer. Such apps work as alternatives to AirPrint. Besides, you can also opt for Bluetooth printing, though it is a limited option for some printers.

Hopefully, after reading this content, you will be able to print your documents from your iPad. To print your documents without any error, keep a regular check on the ink levels of your ink cartridges. Moreover, ensure to install the latest printer drivers or software. However, if you encounter any issue or trouble while printing documents, you can reach out to the HP printer customer support service and get the right solution. 

One of the common printing issues arises when your iPad does not recognize or find your HP printer. It happens when your printer and iPad are not communicating correctly with each other. It may also occur if your printer and iPad are not connected to the same network. So check and ensure there is no connection error. For any further queries, you may comment in the comment section.