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How to improve sensitivity to leptin

In this post we are going to teach you how to activate sensitivity to leptin so that your body responds correctly to its signal, making it easier for you to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

First of all, losing weight is good for activating leptin production. When you are at a healthy weight, your hormones are regulated, also follow these tips.

• Say no to simple, refined carbohydrates and hidden sugars . The reason is that insulin levels rise , promoting insulin resistance and interfering with your leptin production.

• Reduce the intake of sweeteners , sucrose, fructose or corn syrup since they inhibit leptin receptors, in this way, even if you have a lot of leptin in your body, if it cannot be detected and identified, it does not exercise its function.

• Include protein in your breakfast. This makes your leptin levels fine from the start of the day. Your body will have energy for the whole day, making you feel fuller and longer.

• Take a supplement of omega-3 fatty acids to increase your body's sensitivity to leptin, making it more receptive to it. And they're also great for your heart and cholesterol levels. Blue fish, despite containing omega-3 (sardine, herring, anchovy, tuna, salmon ...) unless eaten raw, does not manage to sufficiently increase omega-3 levels in the blood.

• Avoid omega-6s that are found in refined vegetable oils, meats, eggs and refined cereals, since they favor inflammation and reduce leptin levels.

• Follow a balanced diet to maintain leptin levels in their optimal concentration. Well, leptin is closely related to weight control and insulin. The ideal diet is high in unsaturated fat, moderate in carbohydrates with a favorable glycemic index, moderate in lean proteins and low in fructose. In this way triglycerides are reduced and satiety is balanced.

• Consume at least 25 g of fiber daily . Foods rich in fiber, maintain satiety and provide interesting vitamins and minerals.

• Eat foods rich in Zinc (spinach, veal, lamb, seafood, cocoa, beans, beans, mushrooms and pumpkin . Studies show that people with leptin deficiency usually also have zinc deficiency. Very common in people with obesity.

• Avoid lectins , antinutrients present in raw vegetables and whole grains, especially wheat and corn. Also in peanuts, cashews and legumes, especially soy and nightshades (potato, tomato, pepper, eggplant). If you wash them well and cook them or ferment the lectins are reduced. They are proteins that bind to carbohydrates, alter the microbiota and promote leptin resistance.

• Learn to relax to reduce stress levels, which activate cortisol, a hormone that reduces leptin levels and promotes insulin resistance and obesity.