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How to Improve Jupiter in Astrology?

Jupiter, the planet of learning and knowledge and the most beneficial planet in the solar system is also known by the names Brihaspati or Guru in Vedic astrology. In most horoscopes, Jupiter is a naturally strong planet that showers luck, money, enjoyable relationships, and rich spiritual and practical wisdom. A few unfortunate people may experience health issues including irritation and dry skin due to weak Jupiter, which can also lead to laziness, excess, and failure in relationships and business. Thankfully, there are numerous easy methods to bring Jupiter's good energy into your life and balance its negative effects. Continue reading for the list of actions you may do to benefit from Jupiter's excellent health, prosperity, and luck.

How can to Improve Jupiter
A weak or bad placement of Jupiter can lead to unlucky events and problems in an individual's life. Therefore, balancing the negative effects coming from these placements is very important. Let’s explore the methods to improve Jupiter.

Wear Yellow Clothes
Jupiter's color, yellow, has a connection with peace and harmony. Wear yellow every day of the week, but particularly on Thursdays, which are Jupiter days. You'll feel better emotionally and psychologically, and your nerves, blood, and reproductive system will all be in balance as a result.

Consider Wearing a Yellow Sapphire Stone
The planet Jupiter's gemstone is the yellow sapphire or pukhraj. Put it on a pendant or ring made of gold to attract wealth and prosperity. In addition, the stone will advance spiritual understanding, loving relationships, and good health. If you don't have a pukhraj, you can wear other yellow and gold ornaments instead. Additionally, before wearing, consult an astrologer via an astrology chat free online.

Add Turmeric (Haldi) to Your Meal
Eating turmeric strengthens Jupiter. To make Jupiter happy, include this yellow powder in your meals and enjoy the advantages of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. To help fight infection and treat physical illnesses in the joints and bones in your body, drink milk mixed with turmeric.
Follow Vegetarian Diet

Give up using meat in your kitchen, especially beef. Respecting cows makes Jupiter happy, therefore avoiding eating them is absolutely part of that! Offer yellow items like turmeric, jaggery, or gram dal to any cows you know are in the area for extra good fortune.

Donate Yellow items to Charity
In Vedic astrology, donating is an effective way to gain a planet's favor. Give out yellow things and food to the poor such as clothing, flowers, gold, bananas, split Bengal gram, gram dal, or turmeric, to make Jupiter happy. Give only what you can; the purpose of your gift matters more than the quantity.

Worship the Peepal Tree
Jupiter places particular importance on the peepal tree. To make weak Jupiter strong, and strong Jupiter become lucky, find a tree to tend to. Every day in the morning (never in the afternoon or at night), water the tree's roots, and in the evening, place a ghee lamp beneath it. A peepal tree should never be removed or chopped unless absolutely essential.

Worship Lord Vishnu
Jupiter is a symbol of the God Vishnu. On Thursdays, honor or worship him while lighting a ghee lamp to bring wealth and joy into your married life. If you don't have a spiritual advisor to lead you, you can follow a lot of easy rituals at home.

Recite Guru Beej Mantra
Recite this mantra to summon Jupiter's powers. The mantra is "om gram greem grom sah gurave namah," however there are a few variations that have different pronunciations of words. Repeat this mantra 108 times a day to improve your practical and spiritual understanding.

Perform Fast on Thursday
Many spiritual and health advantages come with fasting. You can communicate with Jupiter through the process and get his blessing on his designated day of the week. Eat only at night or in the early morning when the sun has set, and after you have offered prayers to Lord Brihaspati (Jupiter), stuff yourself with yellow foods like jaggery, lentils, turmeric, or bananas. To stay hydrated throughout your fast, stay away from salt and drink lots of water in the morning.

Now you don’t have to worry about Jupiter’s bad effects. Just follow some of these methods and improve your Jupiter. Moreover, if any of these methods are not working try consulting an experienced astrologer.