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How Fiber To The Home Work?

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Submitted by surfloft on Mon, 09/28/2020 - 01:13

Fiber to home or also known as FTTH also referred to as fiber to place (FTTP), is the installation and use of optical fiber from the central point directly to individual buildings such as residential, apartment building, and business to provide high-speed internet access. FTTH dramatically increases the connection speed available to computer users compared to the technology used in most places.

Fiber broadband connection to the home, or FTTH broadband connection, refers to the fiber optic cable connection for individual homes. Optical based systems like these can deliver a lot of data, information, video, and other digital phones more effectively than traditional copper coaxial cables at almost the same price. The premise of FTTH relies on active and passive optical networks to function.

The main feature of FTTH is that it connects the optical fiber directly to the dwelling. It uses fiber optics for most or all long distance telecommunications. Optical fiber transmits data using light signals to achieve higher performance.

The FTTH access network is basically arranged like a fiber optic cable run from the central office, through a fiber distribution hub, then through a network access point, and finally into the house through a terminal that serves as a junction box.

The photo below shows a witch ditch laying orange channels. Once the channel infrastructure is buried in place, the optical fiber will be pulled through the orange tube from the network access point.

Low-latency, fast, and high-volume information communications are expanding worldwide, which is also increasing the need for cheap high-speed access for millions of Internet users and customers.

The projection states that the Internet usage of individual users will reach 100Mbps and will eventually reach 1Gbps. And optical fiber is the only transmission medium that can support such speeds over long distances.

FTTH is one of the most important technologies for today and future networks, as it not only increases access to bandwidth but also reduces equipment and maintenance costs while intensively improving Service Quality.

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