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How do you wear a wedding dress with a small chest to make you the most beautiful bride

How do you wear a wedding dress with a small chest to make you the most beautiful bride
I. underwear selection is important:
Underwear has always been a woman's favorite, choosing good underwear to take wedding photos has always been the focus of wedding photography. Choose 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup for a wedding photo to effectively concentrate the small chest, make it look round and upright, and take the perfect wedding photo.
1. Underwear cup
Bride when choosing underwear, must first look at the cup, for the bride chest be small, selecting a cup a little thick, can choose the sort of half or one third of the cup, the cup size with the right line, because too big cup can make the chest looks very empty, affect the beauty of the picture.
2. Underwear color
Many brides fret about the color of their underwear before they take their wedding pictures, worrying that it doesn't match their wedding dresses. To choose the color of the underwear is the most safe is white and nude, so under the lens of pictures, underwear will hide very natural, the bride of chest be small underwear must be simple, should not have adornment.
3. Underwear style
Choose photos underwear, the main is to choose a strapless bra, whether indoor photography or outdoor clap, strapless bra is very easy to match clothes, for the bride of chest be small, you can also choose plastic underwear, underwear will be let the chest look very type, tie-in coat, can show the chest aesthetic feeling.
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Never wear a small chest like this:
It is suggested that too exposed and too tight a top should not be worn for wedding photos. The choice of collar shape is the key, the design of lapel is very suitable for the bride with small chest, but the high collar and v-shape collar should be avoided as far as possible. Choose a soft but not baggy cut that works well with a smaller bust. Choose two pieces to go with your wedding dress.
Iii. Wedding dress selection:
The bride that bosom is small takes wedding gauze photograph to choose the wedding dress that has special pattern on the chest, can increase divergent effect. A dress with a pleat or tie on the front will make the chest look larger. Opt for a textured piece of fabric or a cross-stitched wedding photo top to give the top look fuller. A suit with shoulder pads will make the chest look more stiff and worthy of a wedding photo. Opt for a wider full-length dress with a shirt or knit to enhance the look.
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