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How Do You Get Rid Of Mosquitos?

Everyone knows how irritating it can be to be bitten by a mosquito. If you have a mosquito infestation you’re not alone and you may benefit from commercial pest control in Las Vegas. Trying to get rid of these pesky insects is usually a top priority in the spring and summer.
Here are a few tips on how to get rid of your mosquito infestation and to prevent a new one from happening but if none of these tips help you may need to call a professional to eradicate the problem.
What Are the Signs Of A Mosquito Infestation?
An infestation of mosquitos can be quite noticeable if you are experiencing a rapid growth in the number of mosquitos around your home more than usual. We all experience some form of mosquitos during the spring and summer but if you are swimming in mosquitos it’s likely you have an infestation.
You can usually find mosquitos out and about at nighttime however, if you are noticing mosquitos out during the day around your home this is a good indicator that you have an infestation. And the most obvious sign of an infestation is if you are being berated by them and getting bit every time you step outside.
How to Get Rid Of Mosquitos and Prevent Them From Returning
It can seem impossible to eradicate your mosquito infestation. However, here are some of the easiest ways to get rid of them, whether they are indoors or outdoors which include:
Eliminate Standing Water Around Your Home
This happens to be the most important thing you can do to get rid of mosquitos. And by removing standing water not only will you eliminate the problem but they are less likely to return to your home as well. Whether it’s a puddle, bucket, tree stump, bird bath, or even a kiddie pool. Anything that is holding water can be a breeding ground for mosquitos to essentially lay their eggs.
You should make sure water storage containers such as cisterns, rain barrels, etc are tightly sealed that way the mosquitos can’t get inside of them to lay their eggs.
If you have bird baths or pools they should be emptied and cleaned regularly. Any water features such as fountains or ponds can be treated with something called “mosquito dunk.” It has a dissolvable disk that is loaded with bacteria that is really toxic to mosquito larvae.
Clean Gutters Regularly
If you don’t clean your gutter regularly it can become clogged and crowded which can become a water trap that creates pools of standing water that can be used as a mosquito breeding ground. And they can be full of organic nutrients which will enhance the growth of mosquitos from the larvae.
Fans and Citronella Candles
This is a great way of repelling mosquitos in smaller areas. If you use a fan it will circulate the air which will confuse the mosquitos and make it harder for them to fly. It will also diffuse the carbon dioxide exhaled by us humans, which will make it difficult for the mosquitos to find their mammalian targets.
Citronella candles utilize lemongrass oil, which is a repulsive odor to mosquitos, which will keep them far away. If you place them along your deck, or in the center of your outdoor dining table it can be a great way to repel them from coming near your home.
Broadcast Treatment
For a great way to get rid of mosquitos outside try using a broadcast treatment. You can either do this yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. You simply apply a repellant spray to the entirety of your yard and it will essentially keep them away for several months before you need to reapply it again. It can cost up to $1000 to apply this treatment to one acre.