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How do you facilitate digestion?

Infusions that facilitate digestion can help our digestive system digest all the food we eat much better, eliminating in many cases that uncomfortable feeling of heaviness.
Eating is one of those pleasures in life that many of us cannot avoid. That is why, when we have a very copious lunch or dinner, we may feel a feeling of bloating and fatigue. This occurs because when mixing different types of food, the digestion process is much more complicated for our digestive system and from there arises that imperious sensation of going to sleep or feeling inflamed.
The best infusions that facilitate digestion
When we see that our digestion process is slower than normal, we can try to speed it up by taking herbal teas. The infusions are one of the natural remedies that we can use for virtually any ailment, including facilitating digestion, as well as being very easy to prepare, it is by far the cheapest option. Next, we are going to see which are the infusions that facilitate digestion and how to prepare each of them.
Chamomile for good digestion
The manzanilla is also one of the most commonly used infusions to treat digestive problems, one of which have better taste. Preparing an infusion of chamomile is the best option for those days when you eat too much and want to somehow calm that uncomfortable feeling of heaviness and facilitate digestion.
Fennel to increase digestion
Fennel is an herb that is characterized by stimulating the digestion process in our intestines. It is very useful to reduce colic in the smallest of the house, and the feeling of calm that it causes is great.
Peppermint makes digestion easier
Mint is one of the herbs that has among its properties the possibility of stimulating digestive processes and improving the functioning of our liver and other organs directly related to the digestive system. It is very useful to facilitate the expulsion of gases, in addition to avoiding those uncomfortable spasms from the intestine that make a simple after-dinner a real ordeal.
Ginger has among its properties to help the inflammation and irritation that the intestines may suffer after a larger than normal meal disappear. In addition, of course, it facilitates the digestion process because ginger stimulates the pancreas by promoting the production of enzymes that facilitate digestion.
The boldo
The boldo infusion is one of the most used to facilitate digestion, since in addition to reducing that uncomfortable feeling of stomach heaviness, it has properties that improve the functioning of other organs that work together with those that are part of the system. digestive system, such as the liver. In addition, boldo is an herb that is also often used by those who want to cleanse their body, since it is very useful for eliminating fluids and losing weight among other benefits related to digestion, such as treating constipation and promoting expulsion of gas or flatulence.
About herbs that facilitate digestion
All these herbs to prepare infusions can be found in most supermarkets or herbalists, although, if we have the possibility of obtaining fresh herbs, the benefits that we will obtain from them will be much better and evident. The most advisable thing is to take these infusions right after eating, although they are also effective when taken once the discomfort appears.
How to drink these infusions to facilitate digestion
To prepare any of these infusions that facilitate digestion, you only have to heat the water without boiling, pour the water into a cup with the infusion and cover it for four or five minutes so that they finish releasing all their properties.
It is also important to remember that, as far as possible, avoid adding sugar or other sweeteners to the infusions. It is about facilitating digestion as much as possible, so if we sweeten our infusions, we will be unconsciously making the digestion process even more difficult.
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