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How Do I Know If I Have an After-Hours Plumbing Emergency?

When something breaks with your plumbing late at night or over the weekend when most businesses are closed, you may be tempted to call for services. Plumbing problems are extremely irritating and paying the additional cost for emergency repairs to get the problem fixed can be tempting. Some plumbers offer services for emergencies. However, there are times these services do not extend to non-emergent problems and there is a fee associated with these services. There are ways that you can decide if you have a true plumbing emergency before calling a plumber.
Does it Have to Be Addressed As Soon As Possible?
First, ask yourself if this is a problem that must be addressed right now or if it is something that can wait until normal business hours. Sometimes, this question is more complicated than it appears on the surface. Luckily, there are additional questions you can ask yourself to help you decide if this is a problem that can wait or not. Find out if the broken part of your plumbing system is something that needs to be fixed right this second. If there is a leak in the basement and you cannot make it stop, you need to get this addressed quickly. However, if the toilet is broken and you have another one, or there is a leak and you can turn off the valve to the faucet and fix the problem; you can probably wait. Do you know where the water valve is in your home and do you know how to turn it off? If you can turn the water valve off, you may be able to wait until normal business hours. You also want to ask yourself if waiting will lead to more damage and the need for more repairs. If there is a risk of damage to your home, call the professionals. You should consider the situation, even the factors (such as the environment) that are out of your control.
Are You Responsible for The Problem?
There are times where you may not be able to fix the emergency. For example, you cannot fix a problem that you cannot find. If this happens, contact your utility providers, and find out if the problem is affectingmore than just your living space or if it is a problem you need to address. They can tell you if there is an issue with water supply in the city, for instance, and whether the city is planning to address the problem.
Isn’t it Costly to Hire a Professional?
If there is nothing you can do on your own to fix the problem and it is a true emergency calling a Manhattan 24-hour Emergency Plumber and ask them a few questions. Explain the problem you are facing and ask them for the cost of the job. Ask them any additional costs or problems they foresee. An experienced plumber, for example, can give you several possible explanations for a leak in the basement. Make sure you inquire about whether they charge additional fees for emergency services and if there are any other fees added to the regular price. They may not be able to give you an exact quote on the price, but if they have done this before they should be able to give you a range of what to expect.