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How is Concrete Made?

Making concrete is something that does require a certain degree of skill and know-how to get the best possible results; indeed, you can’t expect just to hope that you get a set product that meets your expectations! Instead of this, you must make sure that the concrete recipe you are following has the right proportions of each ingredient so that you meet the requirements of your brief; fortunately though, as a provider of professional concrete constructions Murwillumbah, our team can help you learn about how to make concrete and the steps required during the concrete making process which will impact on the final result that you get once the concrete has hardened and set.
Making Concrete
Concrete starts life as a liquid, and should generally consist of a mixture of aggregates, water and cement, with a little bit of air potentially mixed in as well depending on how the mixture has been made. This liquid mixture will vary in its components’ quantities depending on the quality of materials that you have used and the ratio of cement to aggregate that you have used; this variation will also impact on the final mixture and how well it performs to your specifications.
Getting the proportion of ingredients in the mixture right is essential, and that is where a team of professional concreters should always be consulted before doing any concrete work to make sure you get this ratio right. If the concrete has too much cement and not enough water or aggregates, for example, then it may not sit well, and there could be porous areas in the final hardened cement.
Once the concrete mixture has been made, the mixture will rapidly begin to harden and set – meaning that getting the mixture poured quickly is essential to prevent it from solidifying, as it is the liquid nature of concrete that makes it so versatile for numerous different applications! Once the concrete begins setting properly in its intended container, depending on the specific mixture, it will then harden. Before long, usually within the space of a few days to a week or so, the mixture will have a full set. It can then be walked on and used as normal!
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If you think that concrete could be the right building material for your project, then our team are here to help you learn about the pros and cons. Don’t make the wrong choice; let us help you see the benefits that concrete can offer today!