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Holidays in Kingston Jamaica

Jamaica and Kingston specifically has a lot of history. Built in 1692 while Jamaica was under English rule after Port Royal originally founded by the Spanish in 1518, was destroyed by an earthquake . Kingston has the seventh largest natural harbour in the world and a very busy port, so seeing huge ships cruising by each day or moored up is normal. Kingston has stark contrasts between modern and rustic Jamaican constructions. You could be on one street and feel in a modern metropolitan city, while the next street will have you in old style traditional - way back - Jamaica.

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The Glistening Luminous Lagoon is one of four known exclusive places in the world that has this magical glowing water. Located in Falmouth (Trelawny). The water is filled with phosphorous coming through the exclusive underground streams meeting the salty Jamaican sea which makes it illuminate so radiantly when its disturbed. This lagoon is known as the brightest one in the world because of the consistent climate.

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Holidays in Kingston Jamaica

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