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Happy Cactus House

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Dear Fiancee! Why is your mouth so wide open? It seems that a rotten egg can be stuffed in it. Hee hee, don't you know it's ugly? Ah ^ o ^ "Cui Mingzhi must be drunk?"? He's smiling at me. But his smile can be so handsome? Ah Bah ! Bah! Bah! Am I drunk, too? Such irrational words flashed through my head! "How can you prove that you are an unmarried couple?" This bastard police uncle still won't let me go! Come back to the apartment with us. Don't you know if you go in and have a look? Right? Dear Fiancee! Cui Mingzhi not only talked to me with a smile, but also deliberately put his weight on my shoulder. Ah, I'm going to be crushed to death by him! Is this the top of Mount Tai in the legend? Poor me, in order to deceive the police uncle, can only let Cui Mingzhi so oppress me, but also show a very kind smile on his face, God knows, I now have the mood to kill people. At this time, I finally know what Dad said, "If you can't bear to be small, you will mess up big plans." What does this sentence mean. If I don't cooperate with Cui Mingzhi, I will be taken back to the police station by this damn uncle! Oh, my God,hot tub wholesale, I'm so miserable. As the saying goes, choose the lesser of two evils, God, Buddha, I am forced, you must make decisions for the little girl! "Uncle,Whirlpool bathtub, just trust us!"! We are not bad children! God knows, I can still laugh, I'm about to cry. Damn police uncle, still don't seem to believe us, around the two of us around a circle, suspicious eyes thrown over and over, please, must believe us ah, I don't want to go back to the police station, warning you yo, must believe us yo, hot tub manufacturers ,jacuzzi manufacturers, or I will flatten you into a pig's head! Of course, these words were whispered in my heart, and the police uncle could not hear them. Fine The policeman finally showed his benevolent side! Hooray! But what he said next almost drove me mad. You kiss, unmarried couple, and I will believe you if you kiss. What? I stared at the unreasonable demands made by the police uncle in front of me. The world is in a mess. It's a mess.. The police uncle also went crazy. Where did this policeman come from? How can you be so unscrupulous? Instigate a minor to kiss! Am I Han Chae-joo such a casual person? I am so angry, I must teach this hateful police uncle a good lesson today! Just as I was about to go crazy, Cui Mingzhi suddenly put his arms around me. Come on, his weight is on me, and if he puts one arm around me like that, I'll be out of breath. I looked at him doubtfully. This guy can't be. "Hey, wife, let me kiss you." A bad smile rose on his face. You You It was like I was struck by lightning. How could he speak to me in such a frivolous tone? It's making my heart beat. The bad policeman looked at us with his hands behind his back and smiled. It's hopeless. How can there be such a policeman? Is he really a policeman? "Wife, don't be shy, come on." "One." Thin bangs hang gently in front of Cui Mingzhi's forehead, his eyes are drunk, then what he is saying now is true or confused? My heart is inexplicably "thump thump" ring. "You're a drunk bastard who makes fun of others." I had to turn my head away, because his weight was on me, and I couldn't escape. If I could run away, I'd run away without him! But What about the police uncle? He is looking at us expectantly. It seems that the hateful police uncle is not so easy to cheat. So what now? I really have two big heads. "Wife, don't run away." Cui Mingzhi leaned over to me again.
I really can't stand it! I can only lean back hard to avoid this lady-killer! God knows, how can he get drunk and be different from him? The nymphomaniac girls in the fan club, if they see that their cold prince has such a frivolous lady-killer side, will they still have a secret heart? I guess I will cry loudly and blame myself for being blind, right? Incorrect! They may be sent to the door. "Cui Mingzhi, if you dare to fool around again, I'll beat you!" In a hurry, I can't care so much. Ah! Come on, what's the relationship between you two? The police uncle was anxious to see the world in disorder and heckled. I'm really going to be driven crazy by these two guys. Colorful beads.. Cui Mingzhi pursed his lips and reached out to me. My God, he must be drinking and pretending to be crazy! "Hello!"! Wake up, wake up! He did not seem to hear my cry at all, and his high-pursed lips did not slow down his aggression towards me at all. His snout is only 10 centimeters away from me. Police uncle "wow", damn, he seems to expect more than Cui Mingzhi. Cui Mingzhi's pig's mouth is only 8 centimeters away from me. 5 cm.. 3 cm.. 1 cm.. You can't! I jerked back. Finally pulled away from the danger. Ah The police uncle sighed with regret. Come on, is he really a cop? "Eh?" Cui Mingzhi showed a surprised expression. "Wow!" I leaned back too much, the center of gravity obviously fell back, plus Cui Mingzhi's weight was pressed over,endless swimming pool, not good, not good! We're going to fall! You can't! Don't fall down! I jerked forward and couldn't fall! The effect is good. I really didn't fall. It's just. "Wow!" The police uncle gave a surprise cheer. Cui Mingzhi and I stared at each other as if he had sobered up, and my face was as red as a monkey's ass. Both of us.. Kissed.. How did this happen? It was an accident! I bumped into it by accident.