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Four different editions of Dragonflight are now available for preorder

Blizzard recently announced that WoW's latest expansion Dragonflight, will be coming out before the end of 2022.A An Overview of World of Warcraft So FarSee MoreWoW: Dragonflight Is, Surprisingly, Coming WOTLK Gold This Year, Preorders are Live The next World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight is available to preorder. In a surprise most players didn't expect and also due to be released before the 2022 deadline.

Four different editions of Dragonflight are now available for preorder The standard edition is $50. a $70 heroic edition and a $90 epic edition, and a $130 physical collector's edition (which includes all the digital items of the epic edition). The standard edition comes with an in-game pet and an expansion, and higher-priced editions that include extras like a level boost, game time, an exclusive mounts, and a variety of cosmetics. The preorders say that the expansion will be available "on or by December 31. 2022."

The news is surprising for players, who thought that the game would be released at some point in the early 2023 time frame, given the timeframe for release for previous expansions, the possibility of a prequel novel as well as the fact that an alpha for Dragonflight isn't available to test on the game's testing realms for the public. When Blizzard made the announcement of the new expansion in April, they did not include any date or even a release date for Dragonflight in its announcement, with WoW director of games Ion Hazzikostas stating Blizzard was opting for an "when it's ready" strategy for the expansion's launch.

When Dragonflight does arrive with its launch date, it's predicted to bring major changes to WoW with major changes to the game's class abilities and profession systems . It will also introduce a new planet to be explored. Dragonflight will buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold also feature the possibility of a new race to play named the Dracthyr. It will be the only race that --for the first time ever in the MMO's history--will be limited to one type of class: the new spellcasting-focused Invoker.