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Flat Chest Bride Wedding Selection

Flat Chest Bride Wedding Selection
"The front and back of the chest can not be separated by wearing round collars, and the chest is afraid of walking away.
Is it true that little breasts and sexy girls don't get it? "
Of course not! Today will give all small breasts a wedding dress selection code, so that small breasts can also be beautiful at the wedding!
Little breasts look sexy in these things.
Sexy deep V, small breasts exclusive
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The deep V skirt can be said to be exclusive to the small chest, because the big breasts wear deep V and it is easy to squeeze out the eight-character milk. It is really not suitable for the occasion of the wedding, and the small chest wears deep V just right. If you want to be cute, wear a sling deep V, If you want to stabilize the focus, wear a deep V, deep V with sleeves, or deep V with yarn. It is not too easy to wear sexy.
The back shows the collarbone, which is beautiful
If there is no proud breasts, then the other sexy parts of the generous exposed it, a shoulder wedding neck, open back wedding dress exposed back, short wedding dress exposed thighs, are quite suitable for small breasts sister Oh
Scavenger, no fear of losing it.
Wear a gauze rub chest, in short, with the shoulder or neck fixed on the rub chest, both sexy and cute, but do not worry about the fall, faint patterns, there is a little temptation!
The chest is decorated. It's definitely good.
Choose a wedding dress that is decorated on your chest, lace, flowers, double yarns or laminate folds, all of which will make you look less thin and will make you look cute
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