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Five phoenixes entangle dragons

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The 961 warriors were all named Flying Tiger Warriors, and 19 leaders were elected, each of whom had 50 leaders, each of whom had two leaders and 100 warriors, and the rest were left in the General Hall. As an elder, Zhang Shouren was promoted to be an elder and was also in charge of the post of chief inspector. He had the power to dispatch life and death, and could send a messenger of justice to accompany him when he left the general hall. King of Hell Needle Jin Huizong was in charge of the Hall of Punishment because he was blind and familiar with the rules of the Hall, and was transferred from the leaders and warriors in the General Hall. The Messenger of Justice has a special status, which is directly under the jurisdiction of the couple of the head of the hall, but can be called by the chief inspector. Because of the weak strength of the Flying Tiger Warrior Reorganization and the disorder and turbulence in various places, three messengers of justice were temporarily sent to each branch hall to assist the head of the branch hall in maintaining the safety within his jurisdiction. After the personnel assignment is finalized, the first priority is the peace within the jurisdiction. As long as there is any dispute in Wulin, it must be mediated in accordance with justice. If there is arrogance or malicious fighting between evil spirits and the underworld, there is no need to worry about severe punishment, so as to achieve the effect of killing chickens to warn monkeys. Sure enough, at the time of the fall of the Flying Tiger Gang, all over the country were evil dances that endangered the local martial arts world and the people, even in the territory of the branch hall still under the jurisdiction of the Flying Tiger Hall. In Pucheng, southwest of Jinan. Xiao Yanshou, the leader of the Pucheng Branch Hall, accompanied by an emissary of the Heaven Team and an emissary of the Earth Team, led the Dharma Protector and twenty warriors to the Western Regions Street, just in time to see the two young masters of the Pucheng Family wounded by the evil wolf of the underworld,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and pursued them ferociously to kill each other. Stop it! Senior Liang shows mercy! "Eh?"? Hum, it's the people of the Flying Tiger Hall, the younger generation. Don't intervene in the matter of the old man, or don't blame the old man for killing you together! Lord Xiao Fentang knew that Wolf Liang Wuji was a ferocious and vicious old demon among the elders. Because of his profound skills and vicious means, few people in Jianghu Wulin dared to provoke him, so as not to be provoked by constant vendettas. Although he was appointed as the head of the hall by the chairman of the hall, his skills were only first-class, not much different from the old demon,304 stainless steel wire, and he was unable to stop the old demon from doing evil. So he could only bite the bullet and say with a smile, "Senior Liang, you are a senior person with superior reputation and prestige in the martial arts world. Master Liu Ershao is young and doesn't know you well. Don't have the same knowledge as him and forgive him." "Hey, hey, hey!"! Junior, what's your name? If you know the old man, you should know the old man's mind. Has there ever been a man of light mercy under the old man? "Yes!"! Yes! The younger generation, Xiao Yanshou, came out. In charge of the post of head of Pucheng Branch of Flying Tiger Hall, senior.. Master Xiao Fen was afraid of Liang Laomao for fear of causing future trouble for his school, so he didn't even dare to speak out. But at this time, the emissary of the Heavenly Team, who was holding the second young master of the Pucheng Family, asked the reason. He immediately strode forward with a strong look and said in a deep voice, "Master Xiao Fen, the emissary's fault is not that little brother just now. Besides, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, Master Xiao Fan's good words stopped him." But this old devil unexpectedly does not give our flying tiger hall the face, still relies on the old to sell the old wild talk to intimidate? Hum, Xiao Fentang Lord, this emissary may not be as good as the old devil, sister Juan! Let's fight this old devil with two knives! "Brother Chang!"! You're right. Let's fight him a few times. If not, we'll wait for Big Brother Liu to help us get revenge! "Ha ha!"! Sister Juan, how can you destroy your own prestige? I think highly of him, so I want to fight him with you, or I'll fight him alone! "Hey, hey, hey!"! The boy who doesn't know whether he is alive or dead dares to speak wildly in front of the old man. Since it's not easy to want to die, not to mention you two, even if there are ten or eight more, God will still die one by one in the palm of his hand and not be able to live! Xiao Fentang Lord is really very anxious at this time, Liang Lao Mo's skill is not easy to mess with? I'm afraid it's hard for the three of them to take advantage of the old devil and even risk their lives. Although they know that the messenger of justice is trained by the head of the hall, they don't know how skillful they are, but I believe they are not much better than themselves. How can they be the opponent of the old devil? However, the messengers of justice were all sent by the head of the main hall to assist each branch hall. They had a special status, and it was not easy for them to destroy their prestige and stop the battle. When they were burning with anxiety, the two messengers had already stepped steadily to the Yin Wolf with their sharp swords unsheathed. Therefore, they had to order the chief warrior to be alert and support the two messengers at any time.
The two emissaries also knew that the old demon was a man of great skill, but they were not afraid to hold the broadsword and lancet tightly, and the magic skill of the heavenly armor had gathered in the palm of their hands. The glittering blade was already overflowing with cold knife gas, and there was a slight roar. Yin Wolf Liang Wuji originally looked down on these two young men and women who were only about ten years old, but suddenly he felt that their bodies were gradually overflowing with a murderous look, and the body of the sword was vibrating. It could be seen that he had concentrated on the extremely strong True Qi to have this phenomenon. Therefore, in shock, he blurted out: "The little baby really has some Taoism. I'll try your skill!" Yin Wolf Liang Mowgli despised the heart, although not yet completely disappeared, but did not dare to stare at the two men carelessly, so that one side of the Xiao Fentang Lord was amazed, I do not know how Liang Lao Mo could have such words and manner, but I know that the two messengers must have something special to be perceived by the old devil to have such a strange state of mind, suddenly a surge of curiosity and suspicion in my heart, and a slightly broad state of mind. Suddenly, two flashes of lightning flashed in the air, and listening to the wind of the sword, the body of the Yin Wolf suddenly flashed to the right, and a fierce palm rushed to the left of the Tsing Yi messenger. Day team messenger body whirl left hand suddenly hit crack Yue Shenquan, right hand broadsword also along the left side of the slanting cut to the left body of the old devil, and the team messenger unexpectedly from the right side suddenly vertical, in the air vigorously display the dragon knife to split the old devil Liang. As soon as the strength of the Yin Wolf's palm came out, it was attacked by two people from top to bottom. Suddenly, they were frightened by the shape of their bodies and the speed of their changes. Suddenly, half of their palms came out and they rushed to the left and split a palm. The angel of the Heavenly Team knew early that the strength of the fist was hard to hurt the old demon, so when the opponent's body swept up, he also rotated a circle on the right side of his body. The broadsword in his hand had already displayed the tiger sword, and the True Qi condensed in the palm of his hand had shot out a piece of sword from the blade, cutting to the crotch under the opponent's abdomen. As soon as Dao Gang came out, the Yin Wolf suddenly felt that a sharp and aggressive force that touched the flesh was close to his body. How could he dare to rely on his strength to fight? Immediately suddenly quit zhangyu. But the body has not yet stopped, landing in the air under the knife light,304 Stainless Steel Wire, unexpectedly has suddenly turned into a flash of lightning, not by the look of horror to exert all the power to turn right in the air, dangerous to avoid two knife potential. But the crisis kept coming!.