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The first is that many products can only be tested in labs

Submitted by 2lovevib on Wed, 03/22/2023 - 05:03

The adult toy industry is a serious business. It's not just about getting off, but also about knowing which newest clit suckers work best for different people and how to sell them effectively. And while you might be thinking that this means they have a lot of money to throw around on research, it turns out there are some other reasons why they're interested in research.The first is that many newest clit suckers can only be tested in labs because they don't exist yet or aren't available for sale in stores (like sex robots). These newest clit suckers need to go through rigorous testing before being released onto the market--and sometimes even after that point if there are any issues with quality control or customer satisfaction during production.The second reason relates back again: marketing! If your company wants its product line-up expanded beyond what currently exists on store shelves or online marketplaces like Amazon Prime Now (or whatever), then it will need evidence from studies showing how effective these new offerings would be compared against existing ones offered by competitors who already offer similar items but with slightly different features/options available within each category."