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Fancy Counterattack Male God Scheme of Quick Wear

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No matter how early the two roommates noticed the contradictions and cracks between them, there was no need to hide them deliberately. One of them couldn't help saying, "Juanjuan, I don't understand why you always aim at Ruyi. Can't you be more broad-minded?" Yes, we will be together for another two years. You're making it really hard for us to get along like this. What's wrong with me? Didn't it do you any good? When Jiang Juanjuan heard this, she exploded in an instant. Who cares about your benefits? Don't look down on people! Roommates are also very angry. Come on, she won't understand. Xu Ruyi pulled the other two excited people, "We make friends with our heart, and she will not understand the calculation everywhere." She went to the balcony and took out the dirty clothes to wash. Jiang Juanjuan sat there, sulking alone. At this time, she saw that Xu Ruyi's computer on the desk was not turned off and was opening a page she had designed before. The two roommates were focused on their respective screens and did not notice her movements. Chapter 5126 Game Female Anchor vs Campus Male God. As soon as her mind changed, Jiang Juanjuan began to become nervous. She turned sideways, blocking the view of the people on the other side of the balcony, and quietly copied the manuscript designed by Xu Ruyi. After that, Jiang Juanjuan immediately climbed back to her bed, pretended to play games, and waited a few seconds before opening her laptop to save things. She found that it was indeed a design competition organized by the school department. He also jealously saw that the semi-finished products made by Xu Ruyi were quite excellent. On the manuscript, her unique opinions and ideas may not be able to come up with in her poor life. Some angrily clenched their fists,Pi tape measure, and Jiang Juanjuan calmed down her anger. It seems that this manuscript still needs to do the last step of coloring, just need her to do it first, and then hand it in ahead of time. Jiang Juanjuan finally felt out of the mouth, not so depressed. She quickly revised the manuscript and then completed the final steps. While Xu Ruyi was still washing clothes on the balcony, he quickly submitted the manuscript. Then Jiang Juanjuan exhaled. In this way, as long as Xu Ruyi hands it in again, the jury will find two very similar contributions. And she handed it in in the front,Surveyors tape measure, and what she handed in later must be plagiarism! Thinking of this, Jiang Juanjuan's mouth has shown a winner's smile. With the plagiarism incident, and then "carelessly" exposed the video of her private mingling with a group of social idlers, but also afraid that she would not be demerit and expelled from school? As long as she has these stains, no matter where she goes, there will be no good results! Jiang Juanjuan seemed to foresee her future, and the whole person was very comfortable. When Xu Ruyi came back after washing his clothes, he saw the computer on the table and his eyes dimmed slightly. She set the lock screen time, according to the speed of washing clothes, this should be a black screen. However, when it came over, it had just gone dark. This means that someone must have done something! Xu Ruyi hates anyone who touches her things at will without her permission, let alone such personal privacy items as mobile phones and computers. Want to know, Adhesive fish ruler ,Fish measuring board, that person must be Jiang Juanjuan. Sit back, pretend to open as if nothing had happened, and find that the files inside have not been deleted, which is likely to be copied away. Xu Ruyi opened the school's competition website and saw that Jiang Juanjuan had just submitted her work. At this moment, the content submitted by each person is still confidential, and no one else's work can be seen. Jiang Juanjuan took the opportunity to let her submit the same manuscript repeatedly, and both of them were in the same dormitory, which could prove that they were plagiarizing. Xu Ruyi thought about it and did not change the new work, but improved the previous manuscript and submitted it directly. Because the original manuscript is somewhat flawed, it becomes more perfect and excellent after revision. She can be sure that people like Jiang Juanjuan who can only steal other people's achievements, even if they get their own semi-finished products, can not make it more brilliant. Big deal, is to modify the next small defect, when the time comes to see the natural superiority. After submitting the manuscript, Xu Ruyi pretended to look up casually. She found that although Jiang Juanjuan was sitting on the bed, she kept her eyes on this side, paying attention to her movements. When seeing the new manuscript on the website, Jiang Juanjuan obviously breathed a sigh of relief, and then showed a smile after the plot succeeded. Xu Ruyi ignored her and began to prepare for her live broadcast.
Put on your ears, cut off all the noise, and quickly plunge into your own world. Chapter 5127 Game Female Anchor vs Campus Male God. The design competition organized by the school soon began its first evaluation. When both of their works appeared one after the other at the same time, everyone's face became interesting. This is almost a "twin" entry, obviously one side is plagiarizing ah! This is too blatant, is afraid that others can not see it? Jiang Juanjuan has always had a good image in school, and after plastic surgery, she has been rated as a school beauty and called a campus goddess. She is also sociable and pretentious, and has a good relationship with the boys at school. Xu Ruyi, on the other hand, was unknown and not noticed by many people. Just because two people are in the same dormitory, more or less heard about it. At this time, before anyone else spoke, Jiang Juanjuan was the first to stand up and "maintain". " It must be because Ruyi and I have been in the same dormitory for a long time that our thoughts are synchronized. I believe in her personality and can't copy her best friend's work! Her support group immediately jumped out: "Juanjuan, you are too kind, how can this be forgiven?"? No matter how coincidental, it is impossible for the similarity to reach more than 80%! It can't be thought synchronization at all! I hate this kind of person. If you treat her as a friend, she will bully you without limit. Juanjuan, don't indulge this kind of person, today she can copy your work, tomorrow she can steal! If you don't cure it, you can kill and set fire the day after tomorrow! "Yes, severely punish him!" Jiang Juanjuan looks more anxious than anyone else: "Don't say that,fish measuring tape, Ruyi certainly won't.". I know who she is! "Juanjuan, you are too simple to be cheated by her!" When Qiao Zhou saw it, the whole person was so angry that he almost didn't breathe.